Baby squeals with happiness when parents turn on hearing aids

The parents of a deaf baby have documented the heartwarming moment every morning when they turn on their child’s hearing aid.

“It’s like she’s having the lights switched on and she can hear her mum’s voice,” Paul Addison, 32, the father of the happy baby, tells Wales Online.

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Georgina, who is 4 months old, was diagnosed as severely deaf in September and recently got hearing aids. Each morning, her parents turn the aids on and talk to her. The transformation from the moment before they turn on the aids to after is astounding, Addison says.

Addison filmed the tear-jerking moment and shared it on Twitter. In it, his daughter instantly begins squealing and laughing when she hears her mother’s voice.

“It’s always great to see your child happy and be able to access sound,” says Addison, who lives with his wife Louise, 33, in Harrogate in the UK.

Hearts melted all over the internet over baby Georgina and her delight at hearing for the first time in the morning — and hearing herself squeaking with happiness.

“This is honestly one of the most adorable things that I’ve ever seen,” @MrFoxPrimary tweeted.

“Now the parent of a deaf 23 [year-old] daughter, I am so proud of what she has achieved,” wrote @oneshortarm. “I now socialize hearing dogs and today is Verity’s 1st birthday. Your post just reminds me why I do it.”

It’s the kind of footage that never fails to pull the heartstrings. Another adorable baby in Idaho named Annabelle went viral with a clip of her hearing her mother’s voice for the first time ever. In the clip, her face registers a range of emotions — similar to Georgina’s — as her mother tells her she loves her. And earlier this year, baby Scarlet was filmed hearing her sister’s voice for the first time ever. Scarlet bounces up and down in her mother’s lap with joy, as her mother cries with happiness.

“You can hear me!” Scarlet’s mother tells her giggling baby in the video.

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