Author talks about what would happen if men had periods

Author jokes that men would walk around with ‘tampons behind their ears’ if they had periods – but Twitter SLAMS her comments calling her a ‘moron’

  • Emma Barnett, 34,  appeared on This Morning to speak about her book ‘Period’
  • The London author feels men would have time off work if they menstruated 
  • Viewers took to Twitter to share their viewers with one dubbing her ‘sexist’  

Sexist Twitter trolls have slammed an author for claiming men would want time off work if they had periods, with one dubbing her ‘a moron’.   

Emma Barnett, 34, form London appeared on This Morning to discuss her best-selling book called Period, which draws on humorous female experiences surrounding their period – in a bid to help women feel more comfortable discussing their menstrual cycle.

The author joked that men would walk around with ‘tampons behind their ears’ if they menstruated and brag they’re a ‘three pad kind of guy’.  

However the writer was met with numerous nasty online comments from misogynistic users, one of which even suggested she was ‘sexist’. 

The author argued if men had periods sanitary products wouldn’t be taxed as luxury items and would be available for free in schools and offices 

Misogynistic users slammed Emma for her comments with some calling her a ‘moron’ while other dubbed her ‘sexist’ 

Emma said, when talking about how men would act if they had periods, she said: ‘I think you’d be on the corner on the street bragging that you’re a three pad guy, how much pain you’re in.  

‘They wouldn’t be investing in dainty bags to go to the toilet, they’d probably put their tampon behind their ear and just go to the toilet.

‘I think where pain is involved, it could become an Olympic sport of bragging rights.’  

However instead of support, Emma was met with cruel abuse from both women and men, with one user calling the journalist a ‘moron’ and another dubbing her ‘sexist’. 

One user wrote: ‘Women fight for equal rights and then you get morons like you saying things like this!! #ThisMorning.’ 

A second said: ‘”Men would take time off work for periods” – judging every man is unfair and nasty. Imagine if a man was sat there saying “if women had erectile dysfunction they wouldn’t cope”. Double standards #ThisMorning.’ 

Emma was appearing on This Morning to promote her book ‘Period’ which draws on humorous female experiences surrounding their period

A third commented: ‘If women had to build houses they would have time off too #ThisMorning’. 

Another user raged: ‘This woman on #ThisMorning who is saying men would take days of work if they had a period is just pure sexist. Saying that they would make a big fuss of the pain.  

Some women even felt it’s  ‘unnecessary’ to speak more openly about menstruating, with one saying she and her daughters are perfectly happy without using the word ‘period’. 

She joked that men would walk around with ‘tampons behind their ears’ if they menstruated and wouldn’t feel the need to hide their tampons in ‘dainty bags’ 

One said: ‘I feel like shes complaining about this as shes got nothing better to moan and complain about. Most of us seem fine with talking about our periods when necessary. I don’t think we need an emoji for it and we don’t need to shout it from the roof tops #ThisMorning’.

As second commented: ‘#ThisMorning what’s the matter with just saying “I’m on” that’s all I ever said. I’ve never been embarrassed about periods and I’ve always been open with my daughters.’ 

Emma went on to argue on the show that if men were to have periods, then tampons, which are considered a luxury item and taxed at 20 per cent VAT in the UK, would be available for free.

She said: ‘Men designed the world of work with just them in mind.’

Some women felt it was ‘unnecessary’ to be more open about their periods and felt perfectly comfortable with not discussing menstruation any further 

‘I think if this were something they were contending with every month I do think there would be free sanitary towels in every office and every school, that would be normal.

‘It wouldn’t be a luxury item.’ 

The author also opened up about her struggle with endometriosis, a condition which causes extremely painful periods, pelvic pain and cramping, excessive bleeding and infertility. 

She said: ‘I didn’t talk about it enough with doctors,  I just got told I had very bad period pain. 

‘What I didn’t do was think that being in pain was something I should challenge but I was in an awful amount of pain and It was only when I tried for a baby.

Emma opened up about her struggle with endometriosis, a condition which causes extremely painful periods 

‘I knew something would go wrong and two years of trying, no baby, and my friend is a gynecologist and she said “Why can’t you sit up” and she said “that’s not normal”. 

She added: ‘I would like periods to me unremarkable – that doesn’t mean you have to talk about them all the time.

‘Women also have been infected with the shame of what it is to have pain, to be a woman – people don’t want to talk about it.’ 

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