Aussies reveal the biggest lies they've told their partners

People reveal the biggest (and longest) lies they’ve told their partners – from years of secret cosmetic surgery to faking an NRL career

  • Australians have revealed the longest running lies they’ve told their partners
  • Callers shared their secrets on KIIS 106.5 FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show
  • A woman has never told her boyfriend of two years that she’s had a nose job
  • One man pretended to be a private investigator for three months
  • The revelations come after the on-going scandal swirling around Hilaria Baldwin
  • Alec Baldwin’s Boston-born wife stands accused of faking her Spanish heritage

Australians have shared the longest running lies they’ve told their partners in the midst of Hilaria Baldwin’s on-going fake accent scandal which sees her accused of fabricating her Spanish heritage.

Listeners shared their deepest secrets on Wednesday’s Kyle and Jackie O Show on KIIS 106.5 FM, after the hosts asked them to reveal ‘something you faked at the beginning of a relationship that you had to commit to for a long period of time’.

The most outlandish revelations include pretending to be a private investigator, hiding a nose job from a boyfriend for more than two years and lying about being transgender for almost two months.

One Tongan man told his teenage girlfriend he had been called up for the Sydney Roosters rugby league squad and even flew to the Harbour City to continue the ruse in a desperate attempt to salvage their relationship.

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Sydney Roosters players Angus Crichton, Latrell Mitchell and Luke Keary celebrate scoring a try during the round 24 NRL match between the Roosters and the Penrith Panthers at Sydney Cricket Ground on August 31, 2019

A woman said she has been having non-surgical cosmetic work for every week for the past two years after her new boyfriend told her his favourite features were her ‘beautiful long eyelashes and cute nose’ on one of their first dates.

He wasn’t aware she was wearing false eyelash extensions and had filler injected into her nose to flatten a bump on the bridge.

‘It’s become a very expensive relationship trying to keep this going!’ the woman said.

One man was forced to pretend he was a private investigator for three months, after meeting his girlfriend while shopping at JB Hi-Fi.

The man, who was picking up Christmas presents for his niece and nephew, struck up a conversation with his future partner while holding a walkie-talkie.

When she asked what the radio was for, he said he was an undercover detective investigating customers in the store.

‘I started dating her and I had to go along with it, so every time we went out I’d take the walkie-talkie with me,’ he said. 

The man even brought the radio to a dinner with his girlfriend’s parents, where his lies unravelled when her father revealed he had been an investigator before he retired.

After offering him a job with his former agency, the man panicked and broke up with his girlfriend to avoid the embarrassment of the truth coming out.

One man was forced to pretend he was a private investigator for three months, after meeting his girlfriend while shopping at JB Hi-Fi (stock image)

Another man, from Tonga, told his 17-year-old girlfriend he had been selected to play for the Sydney Roosters rugby team in a bid to impress her.

After she fell for the lie hook line and sinker, he flew to Sydney where he sent her photos of himself relaxing on Bronte beach, allegedly between training sessions.

He kept the lie going for two weeks before telling her he had failed his medical and had been dropped from the squad.

A third man said he fell head over heels in love with a colleague but lied to her about being transgender for close to two months.

‘It’s not really something you come out with the first day you meet someone,’ he said.

The man said he eventually admitted the truth in a lengthy text message, telling his girlfriend he saw a future together but would understand if she didn’t want to continue the relationship.

He said she took the news in her stride and they are still together one year later.

A Sydney woman is still lying to her husband and father of her children about having an art degree (stock image)

In the early days of her relationship a Sydney woman told her boyfriend she was a talented artist with a university degree in graphic design.

She took a photo of herself and her partner to a sketch artist working on the promenade at Manly, 17 kilometres north-east of the CBD, then claimed the artwork as her own.

Now married with children, the woman said her husband still believes she has an art degree.

‘To this day, he says to our kids, “mum drew this, she’s been to graphic school”,’ she said. ‘He often asks if I’m ever going to go back!’

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