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THE August bank holiday will soon be here and it could affect when your benefits get paid.

All benefit claimants who are due to be paid on Monday August 29 will get their money earlier than usual.

This includes those claiming Universal Credit, personal independence payments (PIP), employment and support allowance (ESA), child benefit and more.

This year, the summer bank holiday for most of the UK falls on Monday, 29 August.

Here's what you need to know about when to expect your benefits.

How are benefit payments affected by the bank holiday?

If your benefit payment is meant to fall on the bank holiday, you'll likely get paid earlier.

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Major change to Universal Credit and benefit payments in August

The government says you should usually receive your benefits on the working day before the bank holiday.

That means you should get your money the Friday before – so 26 August.

Does my payment change?

No – it won't affect how much you get. The only thing that changes is when you get paid, if it's normally due on the bank holiday date.

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And you should get the same amount next time round, too.

Of course, the amount you get depends which benefits you're currently claiming.

If you think you're eligible for benefits and missing out, then we've explained how to check which benefits you could claim.

Which benefits are affected?

You might not know if your payment will be affected by the bank holiday this year.

And it's not always clear how often benefits are paid, especially if you're new to them.

But don't worry – here's a list of all benefits that will be paid earlier than usual, including how often they are usually paid:

  • State Pension – usually paid every four weeks
  • Employment support allowance (ESA) – usually paid every two weeks
  • Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) – usually paid every two weeks
  • Carer's allowance – usually paid every four weeks
  • Pension credit – usually paid every four weeks
  • Personal Independence Payments (PIP) – usually paid every four weeks
  • Attendance allowance – usually paid every four weeks
  • Universal Credit – usually every four weeks

How will it affect me?

Although it seems like getting paid early is a blessing, it does mean you need to plan out your month to make sure you don't spend everything at once.

Make sure to factor this into your budget for September.

You don’t need to do anything – the Department for Work and Pensions will pay you earlier automatically.

If you don't think you've been paid when you should've, make sure to check the payment date on your award notice and ask your bank first, before calling HMRC.

In the meantime, some top tips to making sure you save money throughout the month include meal prepping and finding hidden food discounts – you can read more about those in our guides.

Will other bank holidays affect my pay day?

It just depends on when you're due to receive your benefit payment.

Bank holiday dates can change every year, so it could be affected again, but your money will always automatically land in your account beforehand.

There are two more bank holidays in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and three in Scotland later on this year.

Make sure you note down the dates so you're aware when your payments will change.

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Here's the list of the remaining bank holidays in 2022:

  • Wednesday, November 30 – St Andrew's Day (Scotland only)
  • Monday, December 26 – Boxing Day
  • Tuesday, December 27 – Christmas Day (substitute day)

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