Artist creates incredible ‘moving’ tattoos by inking 76 different people

A talented tattoo artist has enlisted his clients to help create an impressive montage of cartoon inkings.

Phil Berge, from the city of Montreal in Canada, came up with an idea to make the tattoos "move" by marking a frame-by-frame figure on different clients.

Showing his latest creation on TikTok, the tattoo shop owner said it was one of his most ambitious projects ever and involved 76 customers.

"I post the designs I want to do on my Instagram and the people that want it schedule an appointment with me and we do it like a normal tattoo," he wrote.

Phil picks Koko the clown, an iconic animated character in the black and white Betty Boop film series and cuts out the clown's silhouette into a single frame per second.

He then transfers the figure onto the client's leg and creates a "moving tattoo" cartoon.

During the stop motion transformation, Koko the clown is seen dancing until he is being turned into a grotesque creature covered in a white cloak.

In a previous video, Phil gave details about the project and said: "I tattoo each frame of an animation on different people that generally don't know each other.

"I then take pictures and animate the whole thing.

"I am now working on this classic Koko the clown dancing to a Cab Calloway song tattooed animation."

Fans loved the idea and said it was a wonderful way to connect people.

One said: "That is such a good idea for people who like the same tattoo but want them to be slightly different."

"I love how you can see that some people got the clown and ghost part," a second commented and a third added: "I love that these 76 people all share a story."

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