Armpit hair is back in for women as OnlyFans models and celebs ditch the razor

Armpit hair is back in – and we are looking at you ladies…

It's time to ditch the razor as fuzzy underarms are the way to go, apparently.

Of course it's all to do with personal preference but smooth pits are a thing of yesterday according to The Wall Street Journal.

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From hairy influencers to OnlyFans models who have decided to embrace the fuzz, even those on the cover of Vogue are giving the natural look a go.

Back in August, Emma Corrin from Netflix show 'The Crown' graced the front of the iconic fashion magazine being the first non-binary person to do so.

And, 'most likely' the first to flash their armpit hair too.

Emma is just another high profile celebrity to join the long list of female and non-binary people opting to let their armpit hair grow out with Miley Cyrus and model Emily Ratajkowski among others.

One woman is even making money from selling pictures of her armpit hair.

Fenella Fox, 29 from Worcester, England, is no stranger to stripping off for cash – hairy parts included.

The successful OnlyFans model told Daily Star she makes £6,200 a month from men who love her bushy all-over photos.

“I didn't realise at the time that there is a huge amount of men that are sexually attracted to women with armpit hair,” she explained.

“I also felt the bush made my p***y more special and mysterious so I grew it out and never shaved it off.”

Body positive influencer Ruby Rare decided to ditch the razor too and often flaunts her pits to her 82,000 Instagram followers.

The pink haired social media star jetted off on holiday to Kenya where she soaked up the sun in a bikini.

She proudly lounged in the sun in the teeny swimwear with her pit hair on full show.

But, it hasn't always been that way.

Smooth armpits have mainly always been the way to go for women in modern history.

Hair historian Rachael Gibson explained that women 'always' had smooth pits in the public eye.

She told The Wall Street Journal: “In modern history, women have always had smooth armpits in the public eye, so it’s hard to undo that."

Removing body hair has dated back to the prehistoric times and back during the Roman empire people would rid of hair with shells made of tweezers.

Times are certainly changing…


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