Are YOUR best trainers fake?

Are YOUR best trainers fake? Expert reveals the nine steps to spotting if an in-demand item by the likes of Nike or Supreme is the real deal (and the washing instructions are crucial!)

  • EXCLUSIVE: StockX, the stock market for high-demand consumer goods, has launched in UK
  • Expert authenitcators guarantee every item is 100 per cent genuine
  • No washing instructions or frayed stitching are telltale signs of fake items
  • Even if item seems real lightweight or cheap packaging is a giveaway  

We all know that high-end designer handbags and watches are much copied by fraudsters, but counterfeiting has become such big business even Nike trainers or a hoodie from a trendy brand are just as likely to be fake.  

StockX, the world’s first stock market for high-demand consumer goods such as trainers and streetwear recently launched in the UK,  selling consumer goods using the same methods as stock markets, allowing customers to track market value of their potential ‘investments’.

It guarantees  each and every item bought and sold is 100 per cent, but that means a lot of hard work for the site’s expert authentitcators. 

Here Matt Miller, Level Three Authenticator based in the StockX European Authentication Centre in West London reveals the eight essential steps to spotting a fake so that shoppers won’t get caught out. 

Could your favourite trainers be fakes? Experts have revealed the nine warning signs to look out for if you’re buying popular brands online (stock image) 


As the age old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. 

But equally, don’t be fooled by thinking that the Mulberry bag you have your eye on can’t be a fake if it’s roughly the same price as one on an official retailer’s site. Scammers do this to dupe you into thinking it’s the real deal.


Ddoes the packaging look cheap? You can usually tell by simply holding it in your hands and feeling the strength of the box. 

Sounds simple but does it have the brand logo on it and is it spelled correctly. Is there tissue inside the box? For handbags, does it come with its original ‘dust bag’ and does it include the affiliated logo?

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The stitching can be a real giveaway on fake items especially on footwear and designer handbags. 

Stitching that is a slightly different colour is a real giveaway, as well as stitching that looks loose or not finished correctly. 

There shouldn’t be any frayed stitching or loose ends and also keep an eye out for ‘fake’ stitching especially in footwear where the sole is moulded to look like actual stitching – they will fall apart in a matter of weeks. 

Also look for stitching that doesn’t follow the lines of the design and slightly overlaps or goes off centre.

The real deal! A pair of Off-White x Nike trainers being authenitcate by an StockX expert. When it comes to footwear, glue instead of stitching and a flimsy box are giveaways of counterfeits 


Touch, feel and smell – hold the item. Sounds simple but you can usually feel quality by the weight of the item. 

If the shoes or bag are made of leather, take a good smell. Even the top scammers can’t fake the smell of real leather.


Labels – scammers are becoming increasingly good at creating identical labels as they are aware it’s usually the first thing people check when looking at an item for authenticity. Look for blurred printing and/or cheap looking labels. 

Is the label attached where you would expect to find it? On clothing always look for the washing instructions label too as they are often missing on counterfeit items.

Streetwear such as Supreme hoodies are in high demand, especially limited edition collaborations, making the risk of coming across a fake even higher 


Counterfeit items are getting more and more realistic so a fake logo, which used to be a real giveaway, is now harder than ever to spot. 

Look for the correct font and size on the item, does it look too big or small? Is the logo clear and 100 per cent egible and printed straight? If you doubt it for a second, you’re probably right.


This can be a real giveaway especially on trainers. The Balenciaga Triple S have seen a big rise in copies circulating. 

For trainers in the luxury category you shouldn’t see ANY visible glue. If you do, then they are not real, and you should avoid at all costs.


A true designer bag will fasten effortlessly and smoothly. If the buckle or fastener sticks or is difficult to open and close beware. Also check for the colour of metal tags, logos and buckles. Is the colour true and bright and are there any scratches?


Does the seller you are purchasing from have a receipt or certificate of purchase? 

Ask why they are selling and where they bought the item, and then check the website or retailer to see if they do sell it.  It’s not always possible for older or vintage items, but it’s worth asking where the seller acquired it first.


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