Are Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson Keeping Rumored Pregnancy A Secret? — Why Friends Think So

This Duggar couple is keeping their pregnancy status on the DL! They are ‘keeping everything between the two of them,’ a source says. Here’s why!

Josiah Duggar, 22, and Lauren Swanson, 19, tied the knot in June, but Counting On fans are already anxiously awaiting a pregnancy announcement from the newlyweds. They wouldn’t be the first couple in the Duggar fam to have a honeymoon baby, after all! But whether they’re expecting or not, these two have had their zips lipped — even around their friends and family! “Josiah and Lauren are having fun keeping her possible pregnancy status a secret,” a source close to the couple told EXCLUSIVELY. “They are so happy, in love and excited about this newlywed time in their life that they are keeping everything just between the two of them. When anyone asks them directly about being pregnant, they give a vague answer with a smile.”

It sure isn’t helping that Lauren has been surrounded by baby bump rumors for the past few weeks! With so many pictures on the couple’s joint Instagram account that only feature her from the chest up, fans have been wondering whether or not she’s got something to hide. Even when she has been spotted in full-body shots, the reality star has been wearing dresses with high waistlines or covering up with scarves. “Friends and family believe Lauren is secretly pregnant and they are all anxiously waiting for her to reveal her big news,” the insider added. “They are dedicated to their faith and believe when the time is right, they will share the wonderful news with their families first.”

How exciting is that? It’s been too long since one of the Counting On stars was expecting! And considering there has been speculation about Jessa Duggar‘s possible pregnancy status as well, the sisters-in-law may end up carrying together. has reached out to Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson’s reps for comment.

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