Amazon is selling Christmas tree beds for your beloved cat

Santa paws is officially coming to town thanks to one online marketplace.

We all love dressing our beloved pets up at Christmas, but Amazon has just taken festive shenanigans to another level.

Forget Christmas jumpers, the retailer is selling an adorable selection of cat beds – purrrfect for full-grown moggies and kittens alike.

There are a number of types to choose from, including a Christmas tree-themed bed as well as a Santa’s hat design.

Most of the designs have igloo-like structures to ensure that cats can stay cosy and warm inside.

Some also have a detachable roof, so if your cat absolutely hates enclosed spaces (which let’s be honest, he/she probably does) you can take the top off for an open-air bed.

Prices range from £9-£18 depending on the design as well as the size of the kitty, and most products come with free delivery.

There’s also no reason the adorable bed couldn’t be used for smaller dogs too – such as chihuahuas, pugs, shih tzus – or other pets like guinea pigs or rabbits.

Those looking to splurge a little more on their feline friend can opt for a slightly more decadent bed from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The Holiday Tree Wool Pet Cave features a Christmas tree design with lots of colourful baubles and is priced at $79.99 (£62.30). But it looks like it is currently out of stock, due to popular demand.

Themed cat beds certainly seem to be big trend for 2019. Last month, Boots & Barkley launched a haunted house cat scratcher for just $16.99 (£14) – just in time for Halloween.

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