All the key astrological dates in January – and what they mean for you

There are plenty of astrological transits and events happening this January.

Lining up your tasks, priorities and to-do list with the relevant cosmic energy influences is a short-cut to getting a quick and easy boost.

Do the right thing on the right day and you might find it goes a little better than you thought.

Here are the key dates for your diary – including Full Moons, planetary transits, and the start of Aquarius season – and what they mean for you. Let’s kick off 2023 the right way!

January 2 – Venus in Aquarius

Venus rules over our relationship landscape and its arrival in (chilly…) Aquarius makes for a very good phase in which to examine events, matters of the heart and flawed bonds dispassionately and rationally.

Take a lens to what you feel needs improving and consider your role in this. Make a strategic plan of action.

January 6 – Full Moon in Cancer

Cancer is a sign ruled by the moon so this is a really powerful lunar event.

Full Moons are always reflective, inwards gazing, more thought than action, and this one will be particularly illuminating, revealing and imaginative.

Take time out to meditate, journal, have a heart to heart, share a secret pain or desire. Reveal a bit of yourself and this moon will shine a compassionate light on it, helping to heal, solve or explain whatever is there.

January 12 – Mars turns direct

Mars retrograde has been kicking around for a couple of months and you may’ve felt thwarted, sluggish, out of sorts and like your plans have stalled… but not any longer.

Mars is back to doing what it should – driving ambitions, igniting passions, making you feel forceful and powerful and in control.

Get your heartfelt plans and goals back on track.

January 18 – Mercury turns direct

Mercury retrograde is a tricky time when the planet of communication, travel and commerce appears to be circling backwards and all its positive influences turn the other way.

But it has now ended so you can sign contracts, book travel, make commitments, do deals, and say what needs saying all without worrying about unwelcome gremlins.

January 20 – Aquarius season starts

Aquarius, the water-bearer, ruled by Uranus, air element, fixed sign. A sign associated with purity, invention, truth, reason, outer space, aloof analysis, and clever thinking.

Time to put your thinking cap on and use your brain to make exciting plans, overcome issues, and solve problems that have foxed you thus far. Time to favour logic over emotion. Time to reason your way though things. Time to invent and innovate new ideas and opportunities.

January 21 – New Moon in Aquarius

New Moons are about action and activity, starting things off, initiating a new cycle, beginning on a journey. Aquarius is a big picture thinker, a rational problem solver, a truth sayer.

Use this New Moon to bring something new progressive, original and a bit ‘out there’ into your life – be that a person, role, hobby, ritual, idea or activity. Be eccentric, be individual, celebrate your authentic self.

January 26 – Venus in Pisces

Venus moves into Pisces which ends Aquarius’s chilly reign over our hearts and welcomes the loving, creative, compassionate and charismatic Pisces energy in.

This is love season, people! Time to ask them out, propose, take things further, share your true feelings, suggest something romantic or exciting or even daring.

Invest in your love life wholeheartedly and follow your true passions. Be open and honest and even vulnerable.

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