All the bangers played in The Crown season 4, and the meanings behind them

From Princess Diana singing along to Queen in her car to Princes Margaret putting on her red shoes to dance to David Bowie, here are the best songs from season four of The Crown.

If you’re a fan of The Crown, you’ve no doubt already binged season four in lockdown. Following the lives of the royal family in the 80s, we’ve been obsessed with the introduction of Princess Diana, the growing tensions between the Queen and prime minister Margaret Thatcher and the usual fabulousness of Princess Margaret. 

But aside from the characters, costumes and scandal, we’ve also been very into the music. The 80s were a brilliant decade for total bangers, after all.

So we’ve rounded up the best tracks used throughout the season for you to add to your weekend playlist. And if you’ve got a pair of roller skates like Diana, you could even have a little skating party around the living room. 

Call Me, Blondie 

Rather coincidentally, Diana is dancing around her bedroom listening to Blondie’s Call Me when Prince Charles calls to ask her on a date. 

Edge of Seventeen, Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks’ iconic coming-of-age tune soundtracks a montage of Diana after she gets engaged to Prince Charles. She and her roommates squeal with excitement over the news and dress up for a big night out in London. 

Upside Down, Diana Ross

Diana’s life is turned around after her royal engagement, so it’s only fitting that she bops along to Diana Ross’ Upside Down while driving her car.

Girls on Film, Duran Duran

In what will surely become an iconic TV moment, a bored Diana – who is just getting used to being photographed and followed – listens to Duran Duran’s Girls on Film on her Walkman while rollerskating around the palace.

Boys Don’t Cry, The Cure

In an episode called Fagan, we navigate Thatcher’s Britain through the eyes of a working-class father who is unemployed and struggling. Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure plays as he takes the bus to the Job Centre.

Twenty Four Hours, Joy Division

In the same episode, Joy Division’s hopeless Twenty Four Hours plays to show the man’s loneliness.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Queen

Diana sings along to Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love with Harry and William in the car. Perhaps she really was a big car singer? 

Uptown Girl, Billy Joel

For his birthday, Diana surprises Charles with a special performance to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl at the ballet (yes, this happened in real life). Charles hated it, but we wanted to get up and dance with her.

Let’s Dance, David Bowie

Princess Margaret gets ready for a night of alcohol-fuelled “fun” with David Bowie’s Let’s Dance

You can watch The Crown on Netflix now.

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