Aldi is selling a trendy copper desk fan for £22.99

Head to Aldi for your biggest hot weather need. We’re not talking about the floating wine glasses.

If you haven’t invested in a fan yet, you really should.

It’s extremely hot, if you hadn’t noticed, and trying to get anything done (including) sleeping without a blast of cool air is unbearable.

Thankfully it’s not too late (although today is the hottest of the week).

Aldi is still selling a pretty snazzy desk fan that you could use at work or propped on your bedside table at home.

It’s copper, so it looks pretty, and it’s £22.99, which is fairly affordable.

No, it’s not as cheap as those little handheld numbers you can pick up from the corner shop, but it looks nice enough that you wouldn’t mind keeping it on display in your home or office.

If you fancy the fan, we’d recommend getting it fast. It’s officially a trending item, meaning it’s sold in the hundreds, and your local Aldi might not have it in stock.

You can order it online if you don’t mind waiting for delivery, or find your nearest store and cross your sweaty fingers.

The key stats, if you’re interested: the fan weighs 2.9kg, is 12 inches across, and has three speed options. It has an ‘oscillating function’ – so, like any other fan, and an adjustable tilt so you can position it directly at your face.

It also comes in chrome, but we have no clue why you’d choose that over copper, which is far more stylish.

If you’d like to go all out, Aldi is also selling a matching big version of the fan for £32.99.

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