Age-defying nun shares skincare secrets after going viral for youthful looks

An age-defying nun wows people when she reveals how young she is – especially when they see her incredibly clear skin.

Claudette Powell, who is part of an Episcopal church from Georgia, in the US, was asked by dozens of women for her "nunly skincare routine".

While she uses TikTok to talk about her topics of interest, her devout followers turned their attention to her flawless skin.

To thank them for their kind words, the nun made another video and said: "A bunch of really nice ladies have left comments on here saying that they think I look a lot younger than I am."

An on-screen caption then pops up, revealing that she is actually 55-years-old.

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"People have been sending me direct messages asking what my skincare routine is which is hilarious to me," she continues.

"Because I don’t really have one.

Claudette pulls on a few "nun jokes" and explains the secret might be down to the fact that she can't go out into the sun.

"I probably have a few less wrinkles than some people my age…since the late 1990s I haven’t been able to go out in the sun," she says.

"I get migraines from the sun…if I go out into the sun I have to wear a sun shade or an umbrella."

In terms of secrets to her ageless look, she says: "I never use beauty products because I think it’s a rip off.

"My skin is allergic to just about everything on earth.

"So I wash my face once a day and I have to use things like that Aveeno oatmeal body wash/shampoo that you get in the baby department at the grocery store for six bucks."

Other than that, Claudette also said she does not consume any alcohol or cigarettes.

But she drinks "lots of caffeine" and eats red meat once every couple of weeks.

Many viewers were shocked and some suggested to follow her lifestyle.

"Are you saying you are 55? What!" one exclaimed.

Another joked: "It's because you've been living without men."

Claudette added: "Not gonna lie. I think the absence of relationship stress helps."

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