A Mother Delivers Twins In The Car While Husband Frantically Tries To Find The Hospital

‘I don’t think I am going to make it,’ the 23-year-old mother told her husband.

A 23-year-old Caldwell, Ohio, mother ended up delivering her twin babies in the car when she and her husband were unable to get to the hospital in time. Dacia Pittman was 38 weeks pregnant with twins when she found herself tossing and turning in the middle of the night unable to sleep. She was experiencing cramping, which increased in its intensity. She soon realized she was beginning the early stages of labor and shook her 26-year-old husband, Griffin, awake.

“I woke my husband up and said, ‘Hey, I think we need to go to the hospital,’” Dacia said. They hurried to gather their things and arrange for family members to pick up their older children, 8-year-old Harley and 5-year-old Billy. The nearest hospital was a bit of a distance, at 25 minutes away. Though Griffin drove as quickly as he could, Dacia quickly realized that the labor process was happening quicker than she anticipated. She told her panicked husband that she didn’t think they’d be able to get to the hospital on time.

“Oh Lord, it just happened,” she said with a laugh. “I was like, ‘Babe, I don’t think I am going to make it.’”

A few minutes after her startling statement, Dacia was delivering her own baby while their Jeep sped down the highway. The first of the pair to be born was Everett, weighing six pounds and three ounces. Meanwhile, Dacia’s husband was lost, unsure how to get to the hospital. While simultaneously giving birth to the second twin, the mother instructed him the rest of the way, providing directions. Baby Amelia was born shortly after, weighing five pounds and 15 ounces. However, she was born en-caul, meaning she was born while still in the amniotic sac. This was no sweat to the ever-calm Dacia who says she simply removed the sac and made sure both babies were crying.

“She was still in her sac. I broke it,” Pittman said. “My husband was panicked a little. He said ‘Babe, what do I do?’” I said, “They are healthy and alive and crying … you don’t have to speed.’”

When the couple finally arrived at the hospital, Griffin raced in and brought back nurses, doctors, and a stretcher. Upon examining both babies, doctors found the children to be healthy and in stable condition. Amelia, Everett, and their mother were released from the hospital only two days later.

Dacia says she never expected her delivery to take place anywhere other than a hospital. However, she feels blessed for her two healthy babies. She also says she’s done having children.

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