A Million-Dollar Bag: Young Loses A Bag With $1.1 Million Worth Of Valuables Inside

People lose things all the time, but it’s usually not as dramatic as the situation that Young Thug recently found himself in. The rapper was a guest at a luxury apartment building in Atlanta, and upon exiting his vehicle, it seems he lost sight of his bag. It could happen to anyone… but most people don’t have $1.1 million worth of valuables in the bag they carry around. Apparently, Mercury News reports that Young Thug did, and that estimated value has been low-balled. The artist is so devastated by this loss that he is holding the building management liable and has launched a lawsuit in an effort to recoup some of his losses.

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When he entered the building, it was business as usual for Young Thug. He pulled up, exited his vehicle, and it seems that somehow the bag wasn’t picked up in the shuffle. The bag was mistakenly left right next to his Lamborghini when he parked, and not long afterward, a resident of the building noticed that the bag was there and notified the building management immediately.

The contents of the bag are absolutely staggering. In fact, Tone Deaf reports, “the bag contained $40,000 in cash, a diamond-encrusted watch worth around $57,000, a diamond chain valued around $37,000 were in there alongside a hard drive containing approximately 200 unreleased songs, which the rapper claimed is worth at least $1 million.”

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As Young Thug frantically searched for his lost bag, he was soon reassured that it had been tucked away for him. The professional, luxury concierge had even put a note on the bag, advising other employees of the concierge not to release the bag to anyone else, yet that’s precisely what happened.

Somehow, another employee released the bag to an unknown individual who came by to retrieve it. The concierge for the building has no idea who that person was or how this mistake could even happen in the first place.

Of course, Young Thug was livid that this could happen, and he is holding the management of the building responsible for the error. A valuable bag of that nature should never have been released without confirming the identity of the original owner, and the nature of the contents made this an especially painful loss.

It is reported that Young Thug has filed legal documents to pursue this case in court.

It is reported that Young Thug has filed legal documents to pursue this case in court.

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