A man with a ‘unicorn bump’ gets the pus removed in Dr Pimple Popper

Dr Pimple Popper removes a ‘unicorn bump’ that has been growing on a man’s forehead for NINE years – and says the pus inside looks like ‘watery mashed potato’

  • Art, from California, revealed the cyst had been on his forehead for nine years
  • At first he thought it was a spider bite but the lump just continued to grow
  • Dr Sandra Lee, AKA Dr Pimple Popper, cut into the growth during her TLC show 
  • Viewers admitted watching the dermatologist at work was their guilty pleasure 
  • One wrote: ‘Why am I obsessed with Dr Pimple Popper? So gross but I can’t stop’

A man with a large ‘unicorn bump’ on his forehead had the pus-filled growth removed during a stomach-churning episode of Dr Pimple Popper that was so graphic it put people off their food.

Speaking on the show, Art, who is from California, revealed that he had been living with the large cyst for nine years, admitting that he had always been too scared to go to the doctors and get it properly diagnosed and treated.

However he chose to visit Dr Sandra Lee in order to finally discover what the ‘unicorn bump’ was – with the celebrity dermatologist choosing to cut into the growth in order to confirm that it was a cyst as she had suspected. 

There, things took a turn for the gruesome, with viewers at home treated to a very graphic procedure filled with plenty of pus – which Dr Lee compared to ‘mashed potatoes when you add too much water’.     

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On last night’s episode of Dr Pimple Popper, Art (above), from California, went to visit the expert about a large ‘unicorn bump’ that had been growing on his forehead for nine years

In gruesome scenes, Dr Sandra Lee squeezed the cyst, revealing pus, pictured, that had built up over almost a decade

Describing the horrible gush of yellow pus, dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee, pictured said: ‘It looks like mash potatoes when you add too much water’

Several viewers took to social media to admit Dr Pimple Popper was their guilty pleasure. ‘Why am I obsessed with Dr Pimple Popper. So gross but I can’t stop,’ one fan wrote

But while some were horrified by what they saw unfolding on their screens, others were surprisingly hooked by the footage of Art’s procedure, admitting on social media that they were unable to turn away from the show for even a minute. 

‘I love Dr Pimple Popper. It’s like a really satisfying horror movie,’ wrote one, while another added: ‘Why am I obsessed with Dr Pimple Popper? So gross but I can’t stop.’  

One person joked that the gory show is the perfect diet aid, writing: ‘Trying to push through that fast or avoid a binge? Watch Dr Pimple Popper and you’ll literally never eat again.’ 

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Meanwhile another revealed that their mother is actually able to watch the show ‘during dinner’, despite many complaining that Dr Lee’s work actually puts them off their food.  

One person took their love of the show even further, writing: ‘I literally salivate while watching Dr Pimple Popper – gross I know. But getting the satisfaction of the pop and the life changing smiles of the patients…win win!’  

For Dr Lee’s patient Art however, the satisfaction of finally having the ‘unicorn’ lump removed from the center of his head after a staggering nine years was nothing but a win – no matter how gruesome the process might have been.    

Dr Sandra Lee began the procedure by slicing into the large-sized lump which was on Art’s forehead (above)

Pictured, Dr Sandra Lee squeezed the puss out of Art’s large lump. Viewers were particularly disgusted by the scene above when it aired last night

Some viewers were so grossed out by the graphic scenes that they were put off their dinner, with one joking that Dr Pimple Popper could be used as a diet aid for that reason

‘I have a lump on my head and have no idea what it is,’ the patient said at the start of the episode as he prepared for his consultation. ‘I went to bed one night about nine years ago and woke up the next day and I thought it was a spider bite.’ 

‘I thought it was going to go away. It started getting bigger and bigger. Over the years it looked like a cyclops and now like a little unicorn.’ 

Art went on to describe the lump’s texture and consistency – before admitting that he had even considered cutting the cyst open himself at home on a number of occasions.

‘It feels mushy, like a water blister,’ he told the camera. ‘I’ve got a razor blade a few times and just wanted to slice it but I chickened out.’

Art also revealed he had avoided getting lump checked out before because he had always been scared of going to visit doctors, having had several of his friends go into the hospital and not come out again.  

Art revealed the reason he’d avoided getting lump checked out before. ‘I’m scared of doctors,’ he admitted. Instead, he would wear up to ten hats a day to try and hide it

Following the procedure, Art said he’d never really look in the mirror for over nine years. Above, pictured after his cyst was removed Above, pictured after his cyst was removed

‘A lot of my friends go into a hospital and they don’t go home.’ he admitted. ‘But I have to face my fears so I can move on with my life.’ 

After an initial consultation with Dr Lee, the dermatologist explained to Art that she believed the lump was a cyst – describing it as a ‘cyclops cyst’ because of its location on his forehead. She then noted that the best thing for her to do would be to slice into the bump and drain whatever had been building up over the nine years he had been living with it.  

During the procedure, Dr Lee told Art he should feel no pain thanks to a local anesthetic that she had injected into the area, and she then began making an incision into the bump. 

Within a matter of seconds, Dr Lee exclaimed that she could see the pus inside and began squeezing the contents out of the cyst, remarking: ‘It’s like mashed potatoes when you add too much water… it’s messy.’

She then explained that there were actually two possible diagnoses for the lump.  

Many agreed with Art that Dr Sandra Lee is ‘number one.’ A viewer commented: ‘If you’ve never heard of Dr Pimple Popper on TLC you’re really missing out’

‘For a moment there I thought this could be a sciata cystoma because it sort of had that yellowy buttery look that sciata cystomas have, almost like an oily consistency,’ she told the camera. 

‘So I’m thinking either sciata cystoma or an epidermoid cyst,’ she concluded. 

Having drained the lump, Dr Lee asked Art how he had lived with the cyst for so long, questioning whether it had prevented him from wanting to go out in public – with the patient simply answering: ‘Well I have like ten hats.’   

He added: ‘Every day I wear a hat to hide my bump. It’s the first thing I get… I put my clothes on and then I put my hat on. It’s become a habit.’ 

But after the lump was finally removed – Art was delighted, and slightly surprised – by the idea that he would no longer have to conceal part of his face away.  

‘I feel weird because I’ve never really looked in the mirror – not for nine years,’ he explained. ‘She did a damn good job. 

‘I’m definitely afraid of some doctors but I’m not afraid of Dr Lee. She’s number one.’ 

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