A Look At ‘Deep Water’ Star Ben Affleck’s Car Collection

Ben Affleck has enjoyed a long career in entertainment and has truly made a name for himself on the Hollywood scene. His acting and comedic skills paired with his longevity in the industry have equated to an enormous net worth of $150 million. That’s a whole lot of spending power, and he opts to unload much of his cash on his ever-growing car collection. In fact, Ben Affleck has acquired quite an eclectic fleet of vehicles, and seems to have a different type of car at his disposal, to suit his every mood. Car enthusiasts will be impressed by the diversity of the vehicles found in his collection, and are likely to be envious of Affleck’s sheer ability to drive around town in any one of these amazing cars.

The Rebound Muscle Car

Just two weeks after announcing his split from Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck was seen with a new love, but this wasn’t just a rebound relationship, it was a smoking hot muscle car that was the subject of Affleck’s affection. After being married for 13 years, his first days as a single man were spent driving around Los Angeles in his brand new, all-black Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. This brand new beauty was an instant head-turner, and fans were delighted that Affleck wasted no time at all flexing his muscle car status. This beauty is worth $70,00 before upgrades and customization, and can reach 700 horsepower with relative ease.  It’s the perfect addition to an already impressive fleet.

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The Ultra Smooth Audi S8

Affleck doesn’t just like muscle cars, he also happens to enjoy putting the petal down on one of the world’s most stylish high-powered vehicles – the Audi S8 luxury sedan. This stunning vehicle is as fast as it is smooth, and boasts the gorgeous curves that are distinct to the Audi brand. Priced at just over $130,000, this head-turning stunner came outfitted with a custom leather-trimmed interior and features an impressive twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine that pushes 563 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. Audi styling, sport suspension, and superior handling ensure that Affleck can hug any corner while he enjoys the smooth, ultra-sleek power that this car possesses.

A Couple Of Mercedes Benz Vehicles

Ben Affleck has a unique solution to a common problem. When he finds it difficult to select between two amazing options, he just simply buys both. This rang true when he picked up a Mercedes GL350 SUV for $50,000 as well as a $151,600 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG.  He has been spotted driving his GL50 to formal events, and opts to take out the S63 when he’s heading out for a night on the town.

Ben Affleck’s S63 AMG boasts a 5.5 liter twin-turbo V8 which reaches 60mph in 8.1 seconds, not to mention the fact that this model comes fully loaded with every luxury feature that can be imagined. It offers a fine balance between power and luxury, and it’s a sleek addition to his fleet of fine cars.

Loving His Lexus And Land Rover

Ben’s fabulous collection of cars also happens to include a Lexus RX that retails for $50,000 prior to the addition of customized features and personalization options. This SUV features a 3.5 liter V6 engine and in spite of its weight, still pulls off 270 horsepower. It oozes luxury and provides ultimate comfort with plush leather seats and warmers.

Of course, Affleck makes sure he has several vehicular options available to him at all times, and he sometimes gravitates towards his Land Rover LR4 when he wants to enjoy a luxurious yet powerful drive. This oversized luxury SUV costs roughly $64,000 and is one of Affleck’s favorite rides. The power behind this Land Rover equates to Affleck being able to tackle any type of terrain with incredible ease and comfort. This premium, versatile SUV allows him to load up his kids and all their sporting equipment, while simultaneously traveling in style and optimal comfort.

Taking The Tesla

When he feels like taking an electric car for a spin, Affleck reaches for the keys to his Tesla Model S Plaid, which set him back nearly $150,000. This eco-friendly vehicle has stunning xenon headlights and a truly stunning panoramic glass roof. There’s a 17 inch multi-media display which has touch-screen capabilities, and the 12 speaker sound system installed in this vehicle offers Affleck an enhanced listening opportunity and is perfect for playing his favorite tunes. With growing pressure for celebrities to embrace environmentally friendly options, the Model S is the perfect choice for Affleck’s travels.

Adding To The Muscle

There is yet another stunning muscle car that can be found within Affleck’s fleet, and this one is truly a prized possession. Inside of Affleck’s garage, tucked away and perfectly preserved, happens to sit a gorgeous Chevrolet Chevelle SS.  Car fanatics across the globe have eyed this gorgeous car, which is essentially an undeniable nostalgic nod to muscle car history. The car is valued at roughly $70,000 and has been kept in perfect condition. Unlike most cars which depreciate the minute the leave the lot, this classic car is expected to grow in value with the passing of each year, and is an collector’s item that Affleck will likely hold on to, if for nothing more than the well-deserved bragging rights.

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