A Comprehensive Timeline of the Murder Cases at the Heart of Netflix's The Innocent Man

A Comprehensive Timeline of the Murder Cases at the Heart of Netflix’s The Innocent Man

Netflix begins its latest stab at the true-crime documentary genre, The Innocent Man, with a telling quote from memoirist Anaïs Nin: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” The line rings true over and over again as the series progresses, bringing to light new, painful truths about the cases of two murdered women from Ada, OK: Debbie Carter, a waitress at a bar, and Denice Haraway, a convenience store clerk.

The brutal killings, which took place a few years apart in the 1980s, shocked the residents of the small town and eventually gained national attention when John Grisham’s sole nonfiction book, The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town, focused on the police investigation’s glaring mishandling of both cases. Now Grisham has worked with director Clay Tweel to bring the stories to light via a docuseries, diving deep into the controversial sentencing of two sets of men (one pair were released after it was proven they didn’t kill Carter, while the other men still languish in prison for Haraway’s death).

If you want a clearer look at Netflix’s six-part documentary series about the murders that shook Ada, or a comprehensive timeline of what happened, read on.

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