6 Most Popular And Expensive Energy Drinks In The World

Energy drinks have become a super hit all over the world. In the beginning, they were meant for menial laborers and the working class. That’s how Red bull, the leading energy drink company in the world, started earning its initial sales. Later they expanded to the sports world. Energy drink came to be newly associated with dangerous sports and thrilling activities.

The global sales for energy drinks in 2014 had been around $49 billion and $61 billion in 2020. With an annual growth rate of 5 percent since 2013, this booming industry no longer caters only to a select few but to almost everyone who is exhausted in life. Now that is a brilliant selling point, and energy drink companies are making every effort to cash it.

The following are the most popular and expensive energy drinks in the world.

6 Xyience Xenergy Drink

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The Xyience Xenergy Drink comes in various flavors and tastes. It claims to be a healthier option as an energy drink with zero sugar and no calories. It has green tea extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. The caffeine content is about 176 mg, which makes it a substantial energy boost.

The producer of this energy drink is an American Manufacturer called Xyience, based in Texas. The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC has chosen this drink as their official drink. It is one of the expensive energy drinks that comes at about $24 per can.

5 Rockstar Energy Drink

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Rockstar was introduced to the market by Russell Weiner back in 2001. Presently it has a vast global market and is sold to about 30 countries. The reason for such wide popularity is the range of flavors it holds.

Available in about 20 kinds of tastes, it also holds roughly 14 percent of the global market for energy drinks. Rockstar energy drink is a healthy option with zero carbs and no sugar content. The calorie count is about 10.

4 5 Hour Energy

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Living Essentials’ 5 Hour Energy Drink does not come in cans like the other drinks on this list. It comes as a bottle, and one shot is equivalent to one dose. This energy drink has a high caffeine content of about 200 mg, which is why about one or two doses are enough in one go. There is no sugar, and the calorie count is 4.

As the name suggests, this energy drink will keep you pumped up for 5 hours straight. The 5-hour energy is popular because it is the first of its kind; it is available as micro drops, not a canned drink. Thus, it does not require refrigeration like other energy drinks. Manufactured in Michigan, it now has an estimated net worth of about $1 billion.

3 Zipfizz Energy Drink

The unique selling point of the Zipfizz Energy Drink is the use of natural stimulants to boost stamina instead of artificial stimulants that energy drinks usually contain. Another exclusive feature is that it comes in the form of a powder that you can stir with a liquid. Thus, this is easier to preserve for a longer time. The packaging is also pretty vibrant in attractive black and yellow.

Zipfizz is a Texas-based company that provides a 30 pack of this product for about $34. This energy drink comes with a remarkable characteristic which is the reason behind its popularity. It offers a smooth transition when it boosts your energy level for 5 to 6 hours.

2 Monster Energy Drink

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Monster Energy Drink is the second most popular energy drink in the world. The best characteristic of this drink is its sharp taste. It has glucose in it and 160 mg of caffeine, which is the secret behind its energy.

The reason for the drink’s craze is the fantastic taste, accessibility, and affordability compared to other well-known energy drinks. Monster Beverage is a well-reputed American drink manufacturer. This company is associated with sports like snowboarding and skateboarding. One package of Monster energy drinks will cost about $39.98.

1 Red Bull Energy Drink

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Red Bull tops the global markets in being the highest-selling energy drink. It is manufactured by Red Bull GMBH and is also one of the oldest energy drinks brands; it came into existence back in 1997. The net worth of Red bull in 2021 was approximately $25 billion.

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Red Bull’s influence is enormous; it has a broad customer base that spans over 167 countries. Red Bull’s attractive logo and the slogan, ‘Red Bull gives you wings,’ is a significant hit among all consumers. Presently it has a broader consumer base in India, Brazil, Japan, and Russia. But the company plans to expand its sales in Europe and the USA.

The recent trend among the masses is to go for energy drinks instead of soda. Experts believe that this is a significant reason why the market for energy drinks is increasing. Another reason is the enormous amounts of sponsorships arranged by energy drinks companies for sports activities popular among the public like Red Bull for Formula 1.

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