5 Strange Things The King Of Thailand Spends Millions On

The king of Thailand is infamous for spending his millions on several strange things.

The monarch of Thailand, King Vajiralongkorn, popularly known as King Rama X, is one of the wealthiest rulers on earth. His net worth is estimated to be about 43 billion dollars, which is about two times the net worth of the second richest king of the world, the Sultan of Brunei

A lot of speculation goes into figuring how King Rama X reached this level of affluence. The easy answer to this question is the law he set up using his royal position to bring all government money under his discretion and granting the ruler full control over the nation’s wealth.

With his flamboyant lifestyle, King Rama X is often viewed as a spoiled monarch. The king’s extraordinary lifestyle also grabs the attention of the media quite often. Surprisingly, he did not grow up in Thailand. Instead, he attended private schools in the UK and USA before enrolling in a military training regime.

Although the Thailand monarch might seem worthy of his throne, his investments and quirky fashion choices often attract attention, sometimes unwanted. There are also many questions regarding the kind of influence a person needs to appoint an official consort in court. The king has had many consorts, and his extravagant living extends to them.

Here are some strange possessions on which the monarch of Thailand has spent a fortune.

5 His Villa In Germany

Disclaimer: photo is not his actual villa

While the rest of the world was cooped up in their houses with the COVID-19 pandemic, the king of Thailand was reported to relax on a lavish retreat. He is known to have a secret villa in Bavaria in the Alpine region by the lake as he often gets tired of his royal palace. The villa has a marvelous view of the Alps. He demands immense privacy in this villa, covered with hedges, and is well protected with several guards and other high-tech security.

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The king is known to have retreated with around 20 consorts to a grand hotel in the Alpine region. While every hotel was supposed to remain closed during the pandemic’s onset, this hotel was prepared exclusively for the monarch. One floor of this hotel was reserved for the monarch and his companions. It is estimated that the king spent roughly around a million dollars per month during his stay in Germany.

4 His Favorite Dog, Fufu

A dog is often said to be a man’s best friend. The King of Thailand too had a dog called Fufu, who used to be his best friend. The king was so fond of the dog that he made sure his pet had a luxury level that oozed extravagance. He even ushered the prestigious military title of an Air Marshall Chief to his beloved Fufu and spent generously on his dog’s fancy outfits.

However, in 2015, the king suffered the unfortunate demise of his favorite Fufu. King Rama X left no stone unturned to make sure his dog received the most expensive funeral. Fufu was cremated and mourned while strictly adhering to all the Buddhist rites associated with a funeral ceremony. This event, too, cost him around two million dollars.

3 His Nuptial Expenses

King Rama X’s Nuptial affairs have been one of the most exorbitant matters of his life. He has had many marriages and divorces. Apart from that, the monarch also spends a considerable amount looking after his consorts. He has even officially appointed a royal consort to himself, besides having a wife.

The king has had four marriages up till now. His first marriage was back in 1977 with his cousin, Princess Soamsawali Kitiyakara, and they had their first child the next year. This marriage lasted for about 16 years, after which he married a Thai actress, Yuvadhida Suratsawadee, but it hardly lasted for two years. In 2001, he had his third marriage, and his second son, Prince Dipangkorn, was born four years later. This divorce for his third marriage cost him a fortune, despite which he married another woman in 2019.

2 His Coronation Ceremony

The king of Thailand’s last marriage to Queen Suthida took place in 2019, right before his coronation ceremony. This ceremony was just another exorbitant affair in the life of the wealthiest monarch on earth.

The crown itself was worth 30 million dollars. The ceremonies, too, were a costly affair. A mass of 300 people and several elephants paraded during his coronation ceremony. There were lavish festivities arranged. Amidst this, there was ample of gold, silver, and ivory flowing in the royal ceremony.

1 His Private Jets And Vintage Cars

King Rama X is known to hold a special place in his heart for private jets. While most billionaires and kings are known to own a jet or two, the king of Thailand owns 4 Boeing 737. Each of these jets is worth 90 million dollars, and an extra cost of at least 3 million is spent every year behind maintenance. His love for his jets stems from his training and qualification as a pilot. He is reported to fly his jets from time to time.

The king is also in possession of several vintage cars. His collection’s notable cars are a Maybach 62 worth 700,000 dollars, a 100,000 dollars Mercedes S class, and a 40,000 dollars Cadillac DTS. But among his favorites is his Rolls Royce.

The king of Thailand is known for other similar strange investments in unique fashion items, the housing of many white elephants, and owning priciest jewels. These indulgences probably make him the most spendthrift ruler of the world.

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