5 fitness and wellness apps Kiwis will actually use

“I just want to be more chill, make healthier meals that I actually want to eat, master meditation and have a rock hard pair of abs.” There’s an app for that.

Well, kind of. If you know where to look.

There’s also a lot of absolute rubbish out there which promises a “free” download with a few in-app purchases. For this bargain deal, you will likely get access to a 60-second meditation by a woman so nasal you want to scream “Oh. My. God. Chandler Bing!”

So you delete it, download another and sit through some ads for a game about wolves and gladiators. When you arrive on the landing page, it’s not what you hoped for. You delete the app and eat the rest of that packet of TimTams. We’ve all been there.

But fear not, my app abdicating pals, because I have done the hard work for you – hunting down the apps that I not only downloaded, I actually used and kept coming back to.

And these ones are perfect for Kiwi users because there is nothing less satisfying than finding an app you like, only to find it simply doesn’t suit the Kiwi lifestyle or doesn’t work properly in your region.

For the best apps for meditation, fitness, healthy eating and living a healthier life, look no further.

The best fitness and wellness apps of 2022

Keep It Cleaner

My number one pet peeve with fitness apps is utterly unlikeable trainers who try and get their sponsored protein shaker in every shot. This app, however, makes me want to jump on a plane to Melbourne and go hang out with them. Obsessed.

Founded by fitness legends Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire-Smith, this app is everything you want and more. The workouts are challenging but you can pick and choose your level and discipline.

The wellness centre is full of meditation, pilates and yoga and the recipes actually make eating healthy genuinely not awful. If you haven’t tried their cheeseburger sausage rolls, you honestly haven’t lived. Plus the fact that someone made cheeseburger and sausage roll into something healthy – protect this person at all cost.

Point of difference: It’s a one-stop shop and it’s full of recipes you’ll actually want to eat.

Cost: Monthly subscription$21.88, Quarterly subscription: $54.77, Annual subscription: $126.10

Apple Fitness+

If you own an Apple Watch or are an Apple fan, you are going to love this one as it takes compatibility to the next level.

As you train you can watch the rings on your watch close and keep track of your heart rate and how you are performing. I never thought I would find myself doing laps of my house to close my Apple Watch rings, but here we are.

With the rise in podcasts and walking during the pandemic, Apple launched their podcast style walks called Time to Walk. You can walk along with legends, hear their stories and pretend you are strolling the streets of Hollywood, maybe climbing Runyon Canyon, instead of walking to the dairy to get toilet paper and bread.

And any app that caters specifically to new mums – and expecting mums – with workouts to suit and expert advice to boot, is a winner in my book.

Point of difference: A man named Kyle. And of course compatibility with Apple devices and superior knowledge of what their customers actually want.

Cost: $16.99 a month or $139.99 per year.

Wim Hof Method

I hate being cold. There, I said it. But I am surrounded by people who swear by the benefits of the Wim Hof Method.

The WHM claims it provides benefits such as stress reduction, enhanced creativity, more focus and mental clarity, better sleep, improved cardiovascular health, and improved exercise performance. It does so by using a combination of breathing techniques and cold water emersion.

“It’s easy to use, good value for money and helps with easy progression,” said the people who like the cold. They also swear by a magnitude of the above health benefits.

For those who don’t like the cold, the breathing exercises don’t require you to hop into a converted chest freezer or cold shower and are honestly some of the best I have tried.

Point of difference:If you want to dramatically reduce stress in a life-altering way, this is the one for you.

Cost:Free with some in app purchases


I have tried all the meditation apps. So many promise so many things – and I just didn’t get the hype. I couldn’t stand the voices – honestly a reoccurring theme here – and I just couldn’t get into the groove.

Enter Headspace, a meditation app that guides you and helps you and somehow reads your mind as your thoughts drift elsewhere.

“Did I get a rubbish sticker?” “Is it Book Character day tomorrow at school?” “Should I buy an electric vehicle?” Shhhhhh. This app will teach you how to accept this thought, somehow knowing when you are having it, and put it aside while you treat yourself to a few minutes of calm and rest from the world.

I found the app helped my mind to decompress after a hard day and helped me sleep better when I did my practice before bed.

Point of difference: Mind reading – well, sort of.

Cost: $18.99 per month or $139.99 per year

Nike Run Club

If you love running, are thinking about running, or honestly just thinking about a speedy stroll, the Nike Run Club is probably the one for you.

Out of all the running apps I have found, I found Nike’s to be the most accurate in terms of distance and breakdown, and it’s in a bit of a league of its own.

It’s also a favourite of high-performance runners and has a large celeb fan base, who even pop in to cheer you on along your run. Their guided runs are particularly good combining music and perfectly timed tips and tricks from your own personal running coach.

Point of difference: Makes running not entirely awful and it’s free

Cost: Free

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