31 Memes About Netflix's Gory, Twisted, Bizarre Horror Masterpiece, The Perfection

31 Memes About Netflix’s Gory, Twisted, Bizarre Horror Masterpiece, The Perfection

Have you seen The Perfection yet? Because if you still have it languishing on your Netflix queue, I suggest dropping whatever it is you’re doing to go watch it. Richard Shepard’s horror film is filled with B-movie thrills and chills, elevated acting, and deeply unexpected twists . . . oh, and some extended scenes of one of its heroines violently throwing up gooey bugs and releasing her bowels all over a bus. So yeah — it’s a lot.

Allison Williams (Get Out) and Logan Browning (Dear White People) star as two cellist prodigies whose seemingly random encounter sends both musicians down a deeply twisted path that has gruesome consequences. The horror flick has Netflix users all over the world freaking the f*ck out, to put it lightly, with reactions ranging from claims that the movie made them physically sick to those who can’t believe it’s not getting more critical praise. Social media has also been abuzz about the smart way the film upends tired, cliché LGBTQ+ tropes in horror, and its representation of not just women, but women of color.

Curious about how the internet is reacting to the film? Or just in need of a laugh because you’ve watched it and are now mentally scarred for life? Keep reading. Just be warned: some spoilers for the film ahead!

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