3 Luxurious Features In Trump’s $17 Million Caribbean Mansion

Former American President, Donald Trump, has a $17 million Caribbean mansion. This isn’t a surprise as Trump is known to be big on purchasing real estate, amassing a huge portfolio of properties like mansions those in Manhattan and Palm Beach. He also owns casinos in Atlanta City and about 16 resorts and golf courses all around the globe. Trump’s $17 million Caribbean mansion has recently become more popular as he is trying to sell it.

Donald Trump might have bought the location with about $17 million, but he sure believes that it will have more value when it leaves it behind. Rumors suggest that he has listed the property for sale and asks for at least $28 million. There is every possibility that he will get a huge amount of profit out of the property, given its fantastic location and the kind of luxury that comes with the mansion itself.

Taking a house tour of this $17 million Caribbean mansion might be an excellent way to determine why Trump asks such an extravagant price for it.

3 The Luxury Amenities

The property known as Le Chateau De Palmiers is located on the French side of the Northeastern Caribbean Islands. Trump is of the opinion that this property he owns is probably one of the best mansions in the world and may be right. It is well pumped up with every kind of luxury amenity that a person might possibly need.

The estate extends over 4.8 acres of land and is divided into two living quarters. These quarters come with an ocean-facing villa featuring five bedrooms and another garden villa with four bedrooms. Each of these bedrooms come with their own giant bathtub.

There is also a separate master bedroom that has a Jacuzzi, and the private balconies come with views of the ocean. One of the balconies is a part of his office, and thus, the view of the sea might come across as refreshing. Altogether this is a nine-bedroom estate, and it has a fancy commercial grade kitchen; it has a terrace primarily dedicated to having a relaxed breakfast hour which is picturesque.

There is a large swimming pool along with a fancy fitness center sporting a gym with all kinds of modern equipment. The gymnasium is partly air-conditioned and partly open. There are also open bars and several dining and reception areas. Plus, almost every room has fancy chandeliers and marbled furnishings.

For protection purposes, the villa has an 8 feet tall wall surrounding all of it. There is also surveillance and a strict security system to keep the former president safe. There are two separate quarters for the staff who look after this mansion.

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2 The Attractive Location

First and foremost, the Caribbean Island is an ideal location for someone as high profile as Donald Trump because it is hidden away and offers a good amount of privacy. It is situated on the sands of Saint Martin, which is on the North East Caribbean Sea.

According to the deal, this place comes with a rich cultural heritage and is governed by two governments – the French and the Dutch – according to the agreement struck back in 1648. The cost of real estate in this part of the Caribbean Islands is not as expensive as in Bermuda Island. The cost per meter could cost around $3270, while the price in Bermuda goes for about $7600 per square meter. But with the mark of Trump on this property, it has a good chance of selling at a higher value.

1 The History Of Purchasing The Property

Trump is known to have bought this property from his pals, Steve Hilbert, and his wife. The deal they were offering was around 19 million, but it is speculated that Trump acquired it for $2 Million less. With a history of clever business practices, it goes without saying that the former President is trying to sell it out for a much higher price.

Trump might have judged the market for real estate and decided to bring down the price by about $11 million. If this is the case, then at $16 million, the La Chateau might be equivalent in its pricing with the other luxury estates on Saint Martin Island. It is also available for rent presently, but the luxury property still costs a hefty chunk.

This region might be on the hot tropical side, but the swimming pools and the ocean itself come as a welcome relief to the heat. Donald Trump might have to pay a sumptuous amount as a maintenance fee for this property even while not residing. The staff has to work a lot to keep the place weather regulated and comfortable for Trump’s surprise visits and stays.

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