23 Funny Easter Instagram Captions To Share With Any Pic

Though Easter is most certainly a very holy holiday, a lot of Easter festivities have been adopted by popular culture and people of all different backgrounds. You don’t have to partake in the religious practices of the holiday to enjoy a good cream-filled candy or egg hunt. So while everyone’s sharing Easter Sunday memories and adventures on their social media feeds, you’ll want to line up some funny Easter 2019 Instagram captions so that you can join in on the sharing and ensure that your post stands out. Let’s be honest, once all the festivities are done, we’ll all be recapping our Easter celebrations on the ‘gram.

Whether you want to show off your pastel outfit, share the fun of an adult Easter egg hunt, or feature your epic Easter spread, you’re going to need a great caption to ensure that your post gets the attention it deserves. By now I think we all know that a great photo with a lame caption won’t live up to its potential. Personally, I think a funny or punny or witty caption is always the best way to go. Giving your friends and followers something to smile about is key. Here are a few caption ideas, including quotes from celebs, silly musings, and every punny yolk opportunity in-between.

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