‘2 for price of 1’ Kate Middleton and mum Carole behave ‘more like close sisters’

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Carole Middleton was formally introduced to the public as the mother of Kate Middleton in 2010, when news of her daughter’s engagement to the future King, Prince William, was announced. In the years to follow, Carole and her husband Michael Middleton have maintained an incredible bond with the Duchess and her husband, and they are doting grandparents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Express.co.uk spoke to a body language expert about Carole and Kate’s body language over the years and their adorable relationship.

Back when she was Prince William’s university girlfriend, Kate Middleton had the support of her beloved parents Carole and Michael to help her navigate life in the royal spotlight.

In the early years, Carole would frequently accompany her daughter to public events like The Sovereign’s Parade at Sandhurst Military Academy, at the invitation of William.

Then when William and Kate finally tied the knot in 2011, Carole was on hand to support the future Queen with the preparations for her big day.

Carole was every inch the proud mother when she appeared with Kate and her other daughter Pippa Middleton at a posh London hotel before the royal wedding.

But even now the Duchess of Cambridge is a firmly established member of the Royal Family, it appears she still regards Carole as a close confidante.

Carole has joined Kate at Royal Ascot in recent years, and she often appears in the background of events her daughter is attending in a royal capacity.

Body language expert Judi James told Express.co.uk that pictures of the mother-daughter duo in recent years show that Kate was “in tune” with her mother.

Ms James explained: “Having seen Kate form such a solid and tightly synchronized body language double act with husband William for so many years, it’s fascinating and rather sweet to see her even more in tune with her mother Carole when it comes to mirroring and mimicry signals.

“Carole and Kate look like body language twins in many of their most recent poses together, so much so that it’s hard to see who is mimicking who.

“They always gravitate to a state of physical closeness too, standing with their arms close or touching and their facial expressions suggesting delight in each other’s company.”

While Kate looks less to Carole for “maternal support” nowadays, it seems she still very much enjoys sharing “fun and jokes” with her mum, and their behavioural similarities are uncanny.

Ms James added: “They can be seen greeting people together in a ‘two for the price of one’ pose, and since Kate’s confidence has grown, there are fewer of the glances of maternal support that we used to see in the early days of Kate and William’s relationship.

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“Now the pair’s body language is more like close sisters than a protective mother and her daughter.

“Their eye contact when they chat suggests shared fun and jokes, and Kate is possibly at her most relaxed when she is playing the role of a daughter rather than wife and future Queen.”

When Kate starts to take on more royal duties, likely as the Princess of Wales and, eventually, as Queen Consort, Carole will surely remain a key support in her daughter’s life.

Ms James added: “The suggestion from their body language is that Carole’s home and family life is very much the ‘safe space’ for Kate, with an instant return to a more relaxed ‘real life’ should she need it when her future Queen role gets a bit too much.”

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