18 Caption Ideas For Your Glorious Thanksgiving Pie Instagrams

You might be under the impression that Thanksgiving is when turkey shines in the dining room spotlight. But I would argue that there’s another contender for biggest dining table star. Pie. The flakey, fruity, or custardy dessert could easily blend in on the dinner plate and can definitely erupt your Instagram notifications with likes on likes. When you do post a picture of that slice spilling out spiced apples, you’ll want to know these Instagram captions about pie to post on Thanksgiving 2018.

Capturing a pie in it all of its glory is as essential as saying what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving. Either you or some baker somewhere worked passionately to create layers upon layers of buttery flakiness to hug the appropriate autumnal filling. Pie is a feat. It should be photographed and celebrated always. Post that #nofilter beauty on Thanksgiving and eat up all the likes that flood in.

If your mouth is stuffed and your brain is at capacity with butter or you’re just at a loss for words, don’t worry. The perfect caption exists. Poignant words have already been spoken on the subject of pie. That makes your only concern thinking about how to excuse yourself from the table to nap. This Thanksgiving, your Instagram caption to your picture of pie will be as adorning as a scoop of ice cream.

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