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NEED a little cooldown? With the weather heating up all around the UK, we've rounded up some of the best tower fans you can buy in 2022, for all budgets and space, which can make a world of difference in your home.

Tower fans are ideal for keeping your home or work cool in this 2022 summer.

Their slim profile means less fuss and can easily be placed in a corner without clogging up your living space.

Bigger pedestal fans might offer a bit more power, but they also bring with them noise and unwieldy movement which can become annoying if you're using them on a regular basis.

The best tower fans, on the other hand, tend to take up less space and make less noise, which is perfect if you're using it in the background when you're watching TV or trying to dose off. They can also look very stylish too!

1. Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan

  • (AD) Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan, £73.99 at Amazon – buy here

Key stats – Weight: 3.7kg, height 800 mm

The clue's in the name with the Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan: it aims to be as quiet as possible as it cools.

Its lowest setting gives off just 42 decibels, which apparently is the same level of noise as a quiet library.

That means the Honeywell is ideal if you need something to cool down your bedroom while you sleep. It comes with 5 quiet control speeds, an auto shut-off timer and remote control. It can provide comfort for medium to large-sized rooms.

  • (AD) Shop all tower fans at Amazon here

2. Ansio Tower Fan

  • (AD) Ansio Tower fan, £47.47 at Amazon – buy here

Key stats – Weight: 3.6kg, 45 watts, height 30 inch

This 30-inch tower fan by Ansio is perfect for those that may have a larger room. It has three-speed settings as well as three wind mode settings – normal, nature, and taper. It comes with a remote control that makes it super easy to change the setting at the click of a button. There is also a timer function, meaning the tower fan can be set to turn off after some time while the integrated handle makes it effortless to transport from place to place. Plus, it's affordable and sleek-looking!

3. We tested: Dimplex DXMBCF Black Tower Fan

  • Dimplex DXMBCF Black Tower Fan, £64.99 from Argos – buy here

This Dimplex Black Tower Fan is a bargain cooling companion that has three speed settings and a remote control.

For less than £65, this tower fan's on the cheaper end of the cooling-tech spectrum yet it boasts amazing reviews, so we were excited to try it out.

When it first arrived, we found it a bit fiddly having to screw the base onto the fan which started to put us off it, but our criticism stopped there.

It's so quiet in comparison to other tower fans we've used, ideal for using as you sleep on ridiculously hot days (we're British so anything above 20 is boiling).

You can set it on moving mode or stationary and there are different power settings too, all of which can be altered via the remote control or directly on the fan.

Although it's plastic, the black design looks quite modern and stylish, so we definitely recommend this for our bargain-hunters out there.

4. Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Formaldehyde

  • Purifier Hot + Cool Formaldehyde, £599, from Dyson – buy here

Key stats – Base diameter: 205 mm, weight: 5.5 kg, height: 764 mm, oscillation: 350 degrees

For maximum style points, it's hard to look past the new Dyson Formaldehyde, using the latest purifying and cooling technology. Its unique design is pleasing to the eye, but it's not all style over substance. It's quiet, and it's also safe since there are no moving parts for hands to get caught in.

Dust, bacteria, and even Formaldehyde, a colourless, strong-smelling gas used in making building materials and many household products, is cleverly captured by Dyson, of which it is able to remove 99.5%. The powerful Air Multiplier technology, which only Dyson Purifiers have means the air is circulated around the room, and their motto is what goes inside, stays inside!

We found the unboxing of it simple and easy to set up. You simply press the side button to insert the combination filter, then reattach the outer cover. It is recommended to place the Dyson Purifier in the area of the room where you will get the most benefit from the airflow—this means away from doors and windows and keeping them closed.

You can use the remote control or simply press the button. By selecting auto-mode the machine will assess the air quality and temperature and then begin purifying.

We absolutely loved that the remote control has a magnetic element to it which means it attaches to the top of the purifier—handy if you are always losing remotes. The purifier element aims to get rid of dust, bacteria, and even smells. We tested it after cooking spicy food which had wafted into the living room. A few minutes with the Dyson purifier on and it helped to eliminate any lingering odours.

The Dyson fan can also be linked to your mobile device so you can set the temperature of the heat, place the fan on cool or purify the room. You can also check the air quality in the room, which looks at several factors such as humidity, microparticles, temperature and more. Linking to your phone through the Dyson Link app is very simple and takes a few minutes, depending on connectively. You need to be close to your fan to enable this feature in the first instance.

The LED screen can also handily give temperature and humidity levels. One fan cites it as, "a game changer," and although it is an investment, we think it's one worth making.

5. Bionaire Black Tower Fan

  • Challenge Grey Tower Fan, £44.99 at Argos – buy here

The Challenge Grey Tower fan has three settings – nature, normal and sleep – to keep you cool throughout the day and night.

It's only 80cm high but packs a punch.

Satisfied customers praise this fan's low noise output and the power you get for the price. This tower fan doesn't take much to put together and it can be easily stored.

6. Silentnight Tower Fan

  • Tower Fan, £99 by Silentnight – buy here

Get the perfect night's sleep with the new, futuristic-looking tower fan by Silentnight. It is bladeless and oscillates at 60°, keeping a vast space of the room cool.

Silentnight is known for its good quality products and this item has some easy-to-use functions including a built-in standby timer mode, remote control, and three different fan modes.

7. ElectriQ eiQ-AM07 Tower Fan

  • electriQ eiQ-AM07, 89.97 at Appliances Direct – buy here

If you like the idea of a bladeless tower fan but you don't want to splash out on a Dyson, take a look at this electriQ tower fan.

It's got a bladeless design at a fraction of the price of a Dyson and it's loved by customers.

On top of its fan functions, it's also got an ambient light feature to add some colour to a corner of your room. Powerful and stylish – what's not to like?

8. Aqualix Tower Fan

  • Aqualix Tower Fan, £55 at Homebase – buy here

The Aqualix tower has an easy touchscreen with three-speed settings for ultimate cooling. It is recommended for a medium to a large room and comes with remote control also with 90 degrees oscillation to deliver optimal coverage. You can also pre-set the fan to shut off between 1 to 15 hours, keeping your room cooler for longer.

10. Xpelair XPP Tower Cooling Tower Fan

  • Xpelair XPP Tower Cooling Fan 66671, £59 at AO – buy here

One of the most popular fans on AO's website, the Xpelair puts out 40 Watts of power for just £59.

It's got three speed settings, the ability to oscillate to cool a whole room, and is remote controlled.

Buyers are pleased with its slim profile but do say it might struggle to cool a large room as the power is limited. It's ideal for a medium-sized bedroom that needs a bit of help cooling off.

11. Daewoo COL1117GE 15" Mini Tower Fan

  • Daewoo Mini Tower Fan, £14.95 at Sonic Direct – buy here

This Daewoo mini tower fan is perfect for your desk at home.

It's a simple bit of kit, but it's still got two-speed settings and an oscillating function.

It's small and lightweight too so you can carry it from room to room. While it can't cool a whole room like other big tower fans, it has an attractive price and does its job to give you some air while you work.

12. John Lewis Tower Fan

  • Tower Fan, £50 by John Lewis – buy here

Key stats – weight 3.86kg, height 80.3cm, 45 watts power

With six 'breeze' settings and a two-year guarantee, the John Lewis tower fan is quality-driven for those days when you simply need cooling down and want a reliable solution. It has a 90-degree oscillating fan head which will give good coverage across a home or office room with nighttime settings to make sure you'll have a great sleep during a hot summer night.

13. Swan Tower Fan


  • Tower Fan by Swan, £39.99 at Very – buy here

With optional oscillation, this 44-inch high tower fan spreads coolness around the room and keeps the heat off you. It uses bladeless technology which is ideal if you have young children or pets. Its slim style looks great in any room, while it is a bargain budget buy.

How to choose the best tower fan for you

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing the best tower fan for you: its size, price, features, noise level, and design. You want to think about what you use the fan for (to cool the whole room or to cool your face while you work at your desk) and how much you can afford.

When you set a budget, you can look at the tower fans below that price and get the one that tick your most important requirements without too much compromising.

For example, if you want a quiet tower fan for sleeping at night at an affordable price that you can easily buy online, the John Lewis tower fan is a great option while the mini tower fan is not so much.

Are tower fans easy to use?

Yes, they are! They usually require minimal assembly. They often have three speed settings that will suit your needs depending on the temperature of the day and your room. Many designs come with a remote control that makes it even easier to operate.

Are tower fans better than regular fans?

A tower fan can be more useful than a pedestal fan if you're planning on using it regularly as it will fit into a corner of a room without taking up much space and with a small footprint.

The bladeless designs also tend to be quieter than pedestal fans which makes them useful if you're planning on having them turned on while you sleep.

Tower fans will likely provide more powerful cooling than your average desk fan. Plus, their tall, sleek design makes them a great accessory for any room, especially in a modern home.

Do tower fans cool a room?

Most tower fans will circulate air in a room which will have a cooling effect without actually lowering the air temperature.

Some fans, such as the Dyson Pure, will also remove allergens from the air. They're different from air conditioners – you don't have to close the door when the tower fan is on.

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