12 Children Hurt When Pit Bull Breaks Loose, Attacks Elementary School Playground

A pit bull broke free of its restraints and charged into an elementary school playground in Oklahoma, leaving 12 children injured in the chaos that ensued.

The incident happened at Fillmore Elementary School in Oklahoma City this week. As KOCO reported, there were 28 children in the third and fourth grades on the playground when a brown-and-white pit bull broke free and began attacking the children. The dog then found its way inside the school and continued its attack before being tackled by a teacher and restrained.

The dog attack left a total of 12 children injured, including five who had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. Other parents brought their children to hospitals. The students suffered a range of injuries, with some being bitten by the pit bull and others being hurt as they tried to run away, though doctors said none were considered serious.

It was not clear if the dog was being walked or if it came from a nearby home, and police have not said if anyone faces charged related to the pit bull attack.

The attack took place just days after another tragic pit bull attack garnered national attention. In Florida, a newborn baby was killed after the family’s pit bull jumped into the baby’s crib and mauled the baby to death. As Fox News reported, the baby’s grandfather “entered the bedroom and recognized the trauma to the infant, at which time he retrieved the infant from the bassinet, placed the infant on the floor and started CPR.”

Police arrived and found the dog cowering, then ordered it outside. The dog ran into the front yard, while paramedics rushed the baby to a nearby hospital, where the 5-day-old girl was declared dead. Police were able to capture the pit bull, which was later euthanized. A relative told police that the family had been planning on surrendering the dog because it was overly aggressive.

Another attack last month in Texas also claimed the life of a toddler. As ABC 13 reported, family members left the girl alone with the pit bull in the family’s yard while they unloaded groceries from their car. The animal attacked the young girl, who later died at the scene after attempts to revive her failed.

Police in Oklahoma they were able to capture the pit bull that attacked children at the elementary school playground. It was not yet clear if they planned to euthanize the animal.

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