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IF there's one thing that's guaranteed for winter drivers, it's the dreaded icy windscreen – so we've rounded up the best ice scrapers that'll make clearing it a breeze.

Not only are obstructed windscreens a pain to deal with, but they can actually land you a fine and points on your license if you drive without clearing them. So it's of course essential to remove any ice or snow from the front and back of your car before you set off on your journey.

De-icing sprays definitely speed things along, but for best results, you'll want to invest in a good ice scraper that will clear away any ice and debris effortlessly – with minimal effort.

Think less 'credit card that you hastily pulled from your pocket' and more 'precision-made tool designed to cut through the toughest of ice'.

They don't need to cost a fortune either: we've found several tools that come in at under a fiver and are highly rated by shoppers.

Take a look below at the best ice scrapers that'll make your life easier on a frosty morning.

Best ice scrapers at a glance:

  • Swedish Ice Scraper
  • ESTOVE Ice Scraper Mitt 2 Pack
  • Halfords Recycled Plastic Squeegee and Scraper
  • Halfords Telescopic Snow Broom & Ice Scraper
  • RevHeads Ice Scraper
  • Halfords Ice Scraper, Squeegee & Sponge
  • Kungs Eco-Friendly Ice Scraper
  • Goodyear 2 Pack Ice Scraper Extra Wide Blade Head Ice Breaker Foam Handle
  • Magical Scraper Funnel Cone
  • Carplan Winter Essentials Gift Pack Inc. De-Icer, Screenwash, Scraper
  • Carplan 3 In 1 Chubby Ice Scraper
  • TRIXES Car Van Window Ice Scraper Long Handled Grip

1. Swedish Ice Scraper

  1. (AD) Swedish Ice Scraper ICE06 6mm Black with Neoprene Holder, £13.99 at Amazon – buy here

We never thought we'd appreciate the design of an ice scraper, but then we saw this stylish – and sturdy – version from Swedish Ice Scraper, which is made from recycled acrylic glass with a neoprene holder.

Available in three colours – clear, red and yellow – it boasts sharpened edges that are diamond polished and a plough-shaped blade for quicker, more efficient ice-clearing, and to access hard-to-reach corners.

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Fans are impressed by its performance; one writes: 'I noticed that my windshield was clear and I'd made mincemeat of two side windows. It just sticks to the glass like glue and slices the ice off like it's not even there.

'Odd, it doesn't shove or break the frost or ice, it's like it's separating the glass and ice at an atomic level'.

2. ESTOVE Ice Scraper Mitt 2 Pack

  1. (AD) ESTOVE Ice Scraper Mitt 2 Pack, £14.59 at Amazon – buy here

Anyone who's forgotten their gloves ahead of an ice-scraping session will attest that this waterproof, fleece-lined pair of mitts is a sound investment to get you through the winter months.

It features a textured handle you can grip onto easily and a fluted plastic blade – and it won't just keep your hands warm in the cold. The scraper works well, too.

With a sharp plastic blade that removes snow and ice without scratching your car, it's currently rated 4.6 out of 5 by reviewers, so it's obviously doing something very right.

3. Halfords Recycled Plastic Squeegee and Scraper

  • Halfords Recycled Plastic Squeegee and Scraper, £2.50 at Halfords – buy here

Cheap, cheerful and effective, this ice scraper and squeegee is a 2-in-1 tool that gets rid of ice, with a hard scraper edge and silicone squeegee blade.

Recycled from abandoned fishing nets, it will also shift condensation, and both sides are easy to grip onto. Plus, it's just the right size for your car tray.

Reviewers think it's great, too: 'Just so simple to use and green too. Well worth the money,' writes one.

4. Halfords Telescopic Snow Broom & Ice Scraper

  • Halfords Telescopic Snow Broom & Ice Scraper, £8 at Halfords – buy here

Get the job done faster with this telescopic ice scraper and broom from Halfords, with an extending handle that goes from 69cm to 105cm.

Perfect for any SUVs or vans, it's a lightweight aluminium design with squeegee and brush on one side, and an ABS ice scraper on the other.

5. RevHeads

  1. (AD) RevHeads Ice Scraper, £10.99 at Amazon – buy here

Designed for the harsh winter weather in North Dakota, this sturdy ice scraper is built to last – and tackle ice and frost with ease.

It has a comfy foam handle, and promises to do the job quicker than its competitors.

Need proof? Check out this reviewer, from Scotland, who notes:

'Used this during a heavy freeze in Glasgow for the first time in the last few days (early Jan 2021). It got really tough ice off the car better than any scraper I had used before'.

6. Halfords

  • Halfords Ice Scraper, Squeegee & Sponge, now £1.79 at Halfords – buy here

A bargain ice scraper, squeegee and sponge in one – with a cheerful choice of colours to boot – this multi-purpose tool does everything you need it to.

The scraper gets rid of hard ice, the squeegee is helpful for removing snow and the sponge will absorb any condensation.

7. Kungs Eco-Friendly Ice Scraper

  • Kungs Eco-Friendly Ice Scraper, £2.29 at Euro Car Parts – buy here

Made from recycled materials, this ice scraper by Kungs features a replaceable scraper head with not only three different blades but ice breaker teeth as well – perfect for clearing your windscreen wipers.

The 25cm long handle makes it easy to use whether on a car or van, while the three-year warranty means you'll definitely get your money's worth.

At under £3, it's a bargain.

8. Goodyear 2 Pack Ice Scraper Extra Wide Blade Head Ice Breaker Foam Handle

  • Goodyear 2 Pack Ice Scraper Extra Wide Blade Head Ice Breaker Foam Handle, £6.99 at B&Q – buy here

Two cars on the drive? Pick up this pair of ice scrapers by Goodyear and you'll have one each – or a spare, should you need it.

The foam handle has a soft grip, so it's comfy to hold, while the scraping head is extra wide for maximum coverage, and is engineered with an integrated ice breaker for cold spells.

The product spec also promises that the head is 'unbreakable' and 'will last a lifetime', so you should get plenty of use out of these.

9. Magical Car Windshield Ice Snow Remover Scraper Tool Shaped Round Funnel Cone

  • Magical Car Windshield Ice Snow Remover Scraper Tool Shaped Round Funnel Cone, £5.60 at eBay – buy here

Cone-shaped ice scrapers might sound a little unusual, but the idea is that by placing them against your windshield, you can move them around with ease – and scrape off a larger surface area of snow or ice than traditional scrapers.

The clever design also works as a funnel: simply remove the tip of the scraper, and you have an instant way to pour washer fluid onto your windscreen without getting it everywhere.

It's lightweight and won't damage glass, either: what's not to like?

10. Carplan Winter Essentials Gift Pack Inc. De-Icer, Screenwash, Scraper

  • Carplan Winter Essentials Gift Pack Inc. De-Icer, Screenwash, Scraper, £4.99 at RAC – buy here

Want an ice scraper that also comes with de-icer and screenwash? This Winter Essentials Gift Pack is the one for you.

The Easy Grip Ice Scraper looks simple yet effective, with a tapered end on one side that should come in handy for precision scraping.

Meanwhile, the de-icer and screenwash will make light work of loosening ice and leaving your windscreen spick and span afterwards.

11. Carplan 3 In 1 Chubby Ice Scraper No Colour

  • Carplan 3 In 1 Chubby Ice Scraper No Colour, £2 at Sainsbury's – buy here

Carplan's 3-in-1 Chubby Ice Scraper comes with two scrapers and a sponge, making it great value.

It's made from sturdy plastic, with a textured handle for extra grip. A scraper on the top and underneath means you get plenty of motion and flexibility.

Plus, the attached sponge saves having to carry one separately for mopping up de-icer or condensation.

12. Ice Scraper With Comfortable Pink Foam Handle

  • TRIXES Car Van Window Ice Scraper Long Handled Grip, £5.99 at OnBuy – buy here

We get it: ice scrapers aren't the most glamorous of tools.

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But this pink design by PMS International will add a bit of colour and style to the process – as well as look good wherever you store it in your car.

With a foam handle, it's comfy on the hands too, while the heavy-duty edge is suitable for icy conditions.

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