10 Unique Gift Cards To Buy This Christmas For That Special Present

When it comes to gift giving, you want to buy the best option for everyone on your list. Though, year after year, the biggest stress of the holidays is trying to outdo your gift from the year before. You don’t want to just get something basic for your bestie. She deserves so much more than that, which is why you might want to consider some unique gift cards to buy this Christmas for that special present.

You may think that gift cards are presents meant for people who are unsure of what to buy, but actually, there are some really cool options out there that show you put special thought into it. In fact, nowadays, there are gift cards for just about everything, from experiences to travel luggage. Unique gift cards are perfect for stocking stuffers, or if you and your roomie want to give each other presents but have decided on a specific money limit. This means you won’t be going over or under.

All you have to do is think of the one thing your bestie or roomie loves, and there’s likely a gift card out there for it. If you’re having trouble coming up with an idea, here are 10 unique gift cards that anyone on your list would love to receive.

1Luggage Free For Your Friend With Wanderlust

Luggage Free Gift Card

Luggage Free

If your friend loves to travel, but hates the hassle of carrying her bags through security, she’ll love the Luggage Free program. It makes it super easy (and affordable) for your friend to ship her bags ahead of time to her destination. No more mishaps of an airline losing your luggage, and dealing with overweight fees. Now, your friend can travel stress-free.

2Gift Eyewear With A Personal Concierge To Help Choose The Perfect Frames

King Children Gift Card


King Children

King Children makes it super easy for you to order custom eyeglasses without even having to leave your house. With their app, you can 3D scan your face, and try on dozens of cool frames. Though, if you live in NYC, you can gift your friend a King Children Gift Card package. The whole thing includes concierge service with an eyewear stylist coming to your home to help you pick out a pair of frames for either prescription lenses or polarized sunglasses.

3A Gift Of Personalized Vitamins

Care/Of Gift Card



For a truly unique gift, you can get your BFF or sibling personalized packs of vitamins. Each pack comes with their name on it, and a cute daily note from different themes like Millennials Know Best, Feminist AF, Glow Up, and Yas Kween.

4A StubHub Card For Your Music-Loving BFF

StubHub Gift Card


For your music-loving bestie, you might want to get her a StubHub gift card. This is an experiential gift that you know she’ll use next year. She can either use it to pay for her next concert tickets, or perhaps, a music festival she’s been dreaming of going to.

5Treat Your Friend To A Massage

Massage Envy Gift Card

Massage Envy

If your roomie has been stressed out all semester with essays and projects, she definitely needs to unwind for the holidays. Allow her to treat herself to a massage with Massage Envy. Depending on how much you put on the card, your friend can get a 60 or 90-minute massage or facial, which to me, sounds like a dream come true.

6An Airbnb Gift Card For Your Roomie’s Next Vacay

Airbnb Gift Card


If your friend loves to travel, she probably uses Airbnb a lot for when she needs an affordable place to stay. To help her on her next adventure, get her an Airbnb gift card. The best part is, these gift cards never expire, so your bestie can use whenever she plans on traveling.

7Let Your BFF Pick Out A Cute AF Phone Case With A Valfré Gift Card

Valfré Gift Card



If you’re anything like me, a phone case is mandatory to protect your phone. Though, it doesn’t have to be something clunky and boring. In fact, I’m obsessed with the cute phone cases from Valfré. There are too many adorable ones to choose from, so if you want to get one for your friend, let her pick it out herself with a gift card.

8Give Her Stocking A Bunch Of Cuteness With A Wildfang Gift Card

Wildfang Gift Card


If you and your roomie planned on getting each other stocking stuffers this year, let her choose some cute gifts from Wildfang. There are so many cute (and funny) little gifts like enamels pins, candles, and luggage tags for your friend to choose from.

9Get Personal With Something Homemade From Etsy

Etsy Gift Card



Etsy is my go-to shop for personalized gifts for the holidays. Though, with so many options, it can get a little overwhelming. Let your friend pick out her perfect gift with a gift card. Just make sure it’s something truly unique like a personalized necklace or pillow made with her pet’s portrait.

10Gift A Crash Course In Whatever Your BFF Chooses With A CourseHorse Gift Card

CourseHorse Gift Card



If you really want to give your friend something experiential for the holidays, you can gift her a CourseHorse gift card. With thousands of classes to choose from, your friend can take a class in things like cooking, photography, design, engineering, and evening acting. The best part is that the gift card has no expiration date, so she can take time to decide what she wants to do in the new year.

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