10 Highest Grossing Denzel Washington Movies, Ranked

Born in Mount Vernon, NY, on December 28, 1954, Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. is considered the epitome of classic African American acting in his generation and has an impressive resume of iconic movies that represent historical pillars in the African American community. Movies like Malcolm X, where he represented the Muslim leader and human rights activist, Malcolm X, and The Hurricane, where he represented champion boxer Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter. Here is a list of ten absolutely brilliant movies by Denzel that grossed high at the box office.

10 American Gangster

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9 Safe House

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Always endeavoring to think outside the box, Denzel tends to excel in roles where he is going against the grain for a just cause, or in the case of Safe House (2012), he plays the role of Tobin Frost, a former veteran CIA operative who is detained in a safe house in Cape Town, South Africa. While the CIA is interrogating Frost, he is left in the care of a low-level officer named Matt Weston, played by comedian and actor Ryan Reynolds. However, the two are forced to flee after a group of mercenaries break into the safe house and execute most of the operatives. Reynolds and Denzel together make for an exciting matchup, and this was evident as the film was a major commercial success, grossing $208 million at the box office.

8 Philadelphia

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If anyone has ever watched Denzel in action, you will be aware of his debating ability, which he so clearly displayed in The Great Debate(2007), alongside Nate Parker, Jurnee Smollett, and Denzel Whitaker. But even before then, his role as a lawyer named Joe Miller in Philadelphia (1993) showcased a depth of emotion and elite acting ability, which definitely secured Denzel a slot among the elite actors of Hollywood. In the movie, he finds himself defending another lawyer, Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks), who is suing his Philadelphia law firm for discrimination after being fired for contracting HIV Aids and for being homosexual. The sensational movie grossed $207 million at the box office, making it one of Denzel’s most lucrative movies to date.

7 The Pelican Brief

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When people call him one of the greatest actors of all time, it isn’t for flattery. When you are the best at your craft, you attract others who are at that same level. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Denzel has rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Pretty Woman’s Julia Roberts. The two starred together in The Pelican Brief, a movie about a law student (Darby Shaw) who is targeted by hitmen because of her legal brief about two assassinated Supreme Court justices. She then goes on the run with a dashing young journalist, Gray Grantham (Denzel Washington), who helps her uncover the truth of many government officials. The movie grossed a cool $195.3 million at the box office.

6 The Equalizer

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Playing the role of the redemptive lone wolf with a mysterious past, Denzel Washington starred in the action/thriller, The Equalizer in 2014. His character, Robert McCall, endeavors to turn a new leaf and leave his past behind. But his desire to stand up for the oppressed overpowers his attempt at a peaceful life when he notices a young lady, Teri (Chloe Grace Moretz), being mistreated by a violent set of Russian mobsters. The film grossed $192 million at the box office and $34 million in the first weekend of its release.

5 Inside Man

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In a movie similar in plot to The Bank Job with Jason Statham, only a bit more refined, Denzel puts on a captivating display as a detective who is keen on capturing an elusive bank robber in the crime thriller Inside Man. Directed by his dear friend and long-time movie partner, Spike Lee, Denzel puts on a gripping performance as Detective Keith Fraizer, as he attempts to get into the mind of Dalton Russell, played by Clive Owen, in a high-stakes negotiation. Madeline White (Jodie Foster) represents a classy, influential power broker who is charged with taking care of the bank’s board of chairman, Arthur Case, played by Christopher Plummer. The film is regarded as one of the most intense bank robbery films of all time, grossing 184 million at the box office.

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4 Deja Vu

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Deja Vu (2006) can be regarded as one of Denzel Washington’s greatest films due to the suspense, trepidation, and rawness of emotion expressed in the film. He plays a shrewd ATF agent named Doug Carlin, whose response to a ferry combing sends him on the hunt for the terrorist who is responsible, played by Jim Caviezel. When he is invited to work with FBI Agent Paul Pryzwarra (Val Kilmer) and his team, he learns of a top-secret machine that can warp time and essentially travel through time. Denzel’s character must do so in order to save Claire Kuchever (Paula Patton), who can identify the terrorist, from being killed and silenced. The film did a generous $181 million at the box office.

3 Unstoppable

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The 2010 action movie, Unstoppable is loaded with unquenchable action and suspense from start to finish. True to his track record, this movie is also based on a real-life event known as the Crazy Eights Incident in Ohio in May 2001, when a runaway freight train pulling 47 cars stacked with hazardous chemicals went uncontrolled. This is precisely the plot of the movie, and it is left to a veteran railroad engineer, Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington), and a young conductor named Will Colson (Chris Pine) to prevent a cataclysmic explosion that could potentially destroy a mass of human life. In addition to grossing $168 million at the box office, the film was also nominated for an Oscar but lost to Leonardo Dicaprio’s Inception.

2 Flight

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And just when you thought he was done, he delivers another fascinating performance in the 2012 movie, Flight. The drama film is loosely based on the real-life tragedy of the plane crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261, in which all 88 persons on board were killed, including pilots and crew members. Denzel depicted William “Whip” Whitaker Sr., an alcoholic and drug-addicted commercial airline pilot who manages to crash land the airline, saving 96 out of 102 passengers and crew. Blood tests after the crash reveal that Whip was intoxicated during the flight, although the determining reason for the cause of the crash was an internal technical maintenance issue. However, guilt for his negligent actions brings the pilot to confess his intoxication the morning of the flight. The enigmatic and sobering movie amassed $162 million at the box office.

1 The Book of Eli

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Despite mixed reviews from movie critics, the Book of Eli was the people’s choice as it still remains a favorite on the movie lists of many fans. Released in 2010, the post-apocalyptic action film shows Denzel Washington as Eli, a lone warrior traveling on foot across the desolate wasteland of what once was America at its finest. Eli is on a mission to transport a mysterious book – the Bible – to the West Coast of America. But he encounters trouble when he stumbles upon a rundown town ruled by a tyrant named Carnegie and his henchmen, who are coincidentally looking for the book Eli has as a means of controlling the unlearned people under him. Eli soon meets Solara (Mila Kunis), who follows him on his mission. The high-action fight scenes and desolate setting led to the film generating $157 million at the box office.

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