Which festive indoor plant is best for me? 6 Christmas plants to try

Learn how to care for Christmas cactus and poinsettias

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Chris Bonnett is the CEO of Gardening Express

With Christmas just a matter of weeks away, now’s the time to think about festive plants to adorn your home and give as gifts to your nearest and dearest.  Indoor plants make the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family and they look great dotted around your home over the festive season, adding even more colour and interest.

There are lots of plants to choose from but nothing says Christmas more than a festive Poinsettia or a dramatic Amaryllis. Other lovely choices include the fragrant Cyclamen and majestic White Calla Lily. The good thing about all these plants, apart from their beauty, is they’re easy to look after and will bloom throughout the festivities.


A Poinsettia is the Christmas plant with its striking red bracts, yellow buds and rich green leaves. Perfect as a gift or to take centre stage on your festive table, this plant is easy to look after. Keep the compost moist and if you place it in a brightly lit room, the red bracts will really stand out.

Pink Princettia Poinsettia

The Pink Princettia is a new breed of the traditional Poinsettia in a beautiful pretty pink shade. Look after it exactly the same way as you would a Poinsettia and deliver to friends and family as a traditional festive gift with a twist.


Amaryllis are a lovely gift for friends, or perfect for you to pot and enjoy at home. Each bulb tends to produce two or three strong stems with four to six flowers per stem, growing to a height of around 50cms. This is a statement plant adding drama, colour and floral structure to a room.

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A lovely, lightly fragranced Cyclamen is perfect for Christmas with its beautiful white and pink blooms and deep green leaves. This easy to care for houseplant loves bright light and should be watered from the root, rather than watering from above. It’ll bloom time and time again throughout the winter – just remember to remove yellow leaves and dead flowers.

White Calla Lily

With its bright green leaves and majestic white flowers, the White Calla Lily makes a gorgeous Christmas plant. It’ll thrive in a shady spot and when the weather warms up, can be planted in the garden or placed on the patio for you to enjoy throughout the year.


Phalaenopsis Moth Orchids

These elegant Moth Orchids are the perfect Christmas gift to bring life and colour into the home. The stylish plant, originating from South East Asia, thrives in bright, indirect light, warm daytime temperatures and those cooler at night. The Phalaenopsis Orchid makes an instant impact with its strong stems and blooms.

For more information on caring for Christmas trees and plants please visit Gardening Express’ care guide here

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