When to prune honeysuckle – and how to tame this stunning climber plant

Monty Don details the correct way to prune fruit plants

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Honeysuckle is a fast-growing hardy climber that can quickly become unmanageable if left for too long. But with a little TLC, this plant is sure to enhance your garden as it produces stunning delicate scented flowers. There are plenty of different honeysuckle plants to choose from so there will be one to suit every garden. And Express.co.uk has pulled together an easy guide to care for this gorgeous climber.

Climbing honeysuckles immediately conjure up images of a beautiful English cottage garden.

Add some romance to your garden by twining this climber around your garden features.

Honeysuckles typically come in the form of shrubs or climbers.

They can also grow naturally in woodlands and along hedgerows, but when should you cut back honeysuckle in your garden?

How to prune honeysuckle

Pruning is essential to ensure your climber remains healthy – not to mention it is necessary to ensure this fast-growing climber doesn’t engulf your garden.

You should look to prune your honeysuckle after it starts flowering.

Pruning is simply the act of removing dead or faded flowers and leaves to allow for new growth.

You should cut back side shoots of honeysuckle to maintain a neat shape as this climber can quickly become a tangled mess.

If your honeysuckle has become too overgrown, you should remember to cut it back hard in winter.

It will be far easier to do it than when the plant is dormant as it should have naturally thinned out during this period.

Also cutting back honeysuckle bushes and vines when they are dormant will not harm the plant as much.

There are different varieties of honeysuckle and each should be pruned differently.

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If you have opted for a bush or shrub as opposed to a climber you should cut these back in the spring.

Whilst the vines of climbers should be lightly trimmed throughout the year to stop them from becoming too scraggly.

How to prune honeysuckle bushes

You should prune honeysuckle bushes between April and June, wait until the flowers have faded before pruning.

Avoid pruning when the flowers are in season as this can stunt the growth of the flowers.

How to prune honeysuckle climbers

To cut back climbers, simply remove any branches that are dead, damaged, or diseased.

You will need to hold your pruning shears at a 45-degree angle and cut branches down to at least a quarter of an inch from a bud.

Finally, finish off by removing a few branches from the middle to increase light and airflow to the plant to ensure continued plant health.

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