Trays you’ll love

Teja Lele Desai lists seven innovative ways to use them

What good is a tray, did you say? It isn’t just a handy something to use while serving guests. A tray can be much more than that; it’s an amazingly versatile and inexpensive element one can add to home décor.

Try these seven varied ways to use them around the home:

Keep your bedside necessities together

Place a deep tray on top of your nightstand for the alarm clock, notes, books and pens. You can also place a lamp inside the tray, which will give a polished and organised look to your bedside.

Ensure that your glassware is in place at the bar

You can use a silver tray to keep glasses for your portable home bar. You can also use a tray with tall sides to neatly contain the bottles, decanters and glasses.

As a catchall for things you need at the entryway

A brightly coloured or patterned tray can be a great accessory not only as a catchall for keys, glasses and coins but also as a stylish statement. Having a tray on the foyer table is the best way to contain everyday items in one spot, making them easy to grab.

To create and style vignettes on the coffee table

A chic tray can be placed permanently on the coffee table that can turn a group of disparate items like candles, decorative objects and books into a gathered vignette. They will be especially handy if your coffee table is a large ottoman as the tray will provide a hard, flat surface.

Fix the counter clutter in the kitchen

You can place a bamboo tray to keep items one leaves on the counter such as ketchup and pickle bottles, and salt and pepper shaker. You can neatly fold napkins and set aside on the tray to give your kitchen a clean, orderly look. You can also use a tray to make a tea/coffee station in the kitchen.

Group toiletries and accessories in the bathroom

Create a relaxing spa-inspired look by grouping bath accessories and candles neatly on a tray. Flow your toiletries and cosmetics into clear glass bottles for an instant bathroom update. Try stacking folded and rolled towels to complete the look.

Cluster daily use items on the dressing table

Showcase jewellery, perfumes and cosmetics in a pretty tray on your dressing table. You can choose an equally fancy tray — pearl-studded or shiny metal perhaps — that perfectly complements your unique collection. The items will also stay safe in a tray rather than being left on the table.

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