The best eye-catching summer flowers to give your home a seasonal update

Give your living space a boost for summer with these beautiful seasonal flowers.

After what felt like a year’s worth of rain in the space of a few weeks, it seems like summer may have finally arrived. It may not be as hot as it was over the bank holiday weekend, but with the sun shining and warm temperatures forecasted for the foreseeable future, now’s the perfect time to get into the summer spirit.

From requesting a summer-worthy nail design at your next appointment to going on a picnic with friends, there are plenty of ways to embrace the new season. And that includes investing in some summery flowers.

Bringing flowers into your home is an easy win all year round, but with so many brilliant seasonal varieties to pick from at this time of year, bringing the outside in is a great way to give your home a summery feel.  

Plus, at a time when keeping up with all the latest home décor trends and interior styles on Instagram can sometimes feel overwhelming, adding a bouquet of flowers to your space is a quick and easy way to revamp your home without going all out.

To find out more about the best summer flowers to add to your home this season, we asked Lana Elie, founder of Floom, the online marketplace for independent florists, for her recommendations, as well as her tips for making your flowers last as long as possible. Here’s what she had to say.  


Cosmos’ daisy-like heads make them the perfect summer flower.

If you’re looking for a flower that screams summer, look no further than the humble cosmos – not only does it look beautiful, but it comes in a variety of different colours.

“Wild cosmos are the absolute signifier of summer,” Elie explains. “They commonly line the country streets and their swirly stems and delicate flowers can make your home feel like a summer field.

“Cosmos produce three to five-inch daisy-like flowers in various colours, including pink, orange, red and yellow, white, and maroon. Their pollen-rich flowers are a favourite with wildlife, especially bees, making this flower a vital pollinator.”

You can expect cosmos to last well in a vase if you look after them right, Elie explains. “To maximise your cosmos floral arrangement, strip off all leaves and sear the stem ends in boiling water for 10 seconds, this will ensure your cosmos lasts between six and 10 days in a vase.” 


Peonies’ delicate blooms look great on their own or paired with other flowers.

It’s no secret that we’re big peony fans here at Stylist – with their big, fluffy blooms and delicate nature, these georgeous flowers are sure to make you smile. 

“This flower needs no introduction,” Elie says. “Their large heads and petals are probably the most sought-after summer flower in existence.

“The flower is thought to represent good fortune and a happy marriage, which may be why they are very often found in wedding bouquets and are the official 12th wedding anniversary flower.”

To ensure your peonies last as long as possible (they should last between 8-10 days), you’ll want to buy them as a closed bud, Elie recommends. 

“Put them in warm water or a warm location when they are safely in your home,” she adds (the warm water will help them to open).

“Before putting in a vase, remove any leaves from the lower part of the stems so that they are not submerged in the water. This will prevent rotting. Avoid drastic sunlight if you want your peonies looking fresh for a while. Some people are even known to put their peonies in the fridge at night to give them more longevity during the daytime.” 


Irises are tall flowers with elegant purple petals.

Although not as popular as peonies, irises are still a brilliant option if you’re looking to add some colour to your home.

“The iris is an elegant, tall flower,” Elie explains. “Its unique colours make it the perfect summer flower for your home – nothing brightens up a space more.

“There are over 250 varieties of iris, and they come in an array of colours – blue, purple, yellow, white, pink, orange, brown, red and even black – but the most common and well-known colour is purple.” 

Because irises are quite ‘thirsty’ flowers, one of the best things you can do to keep them looking their best is to keep their water levels topped up, Elie explains.

“To keep them looking fresh for as long as possible, cut all foliage before putting them in water to ensure the flower drinks the water more than the foliage, and also prevents the build-up of bacteria,” she adds.

“Irises also do best in moderate temperatures so place them in a room that isn’t too hot or cold. Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.” 

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