‘Surprisingly effective’: How to get rid of garden weeds with ‘zero cost’ involved

David Domoney gives advice on weeding the garden

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Weeds can quickly take over the garden as seeds are spread through birds and animals. This can be a huge annoyance for gardeners who have spent hours of hard work in the garden. Forking out on expensive products can also be irritating, which is why one gardening expert has shared how gardeners can get rid of weeds at “zero cost”.

William Mitchel of Sutton Manor Nursery explained: “The cheapest way to get rid of weeds is to simply pull them out or dig them up.

“This will come at zero cost and is surprisingly effective.

“Normally the weed will not grow back once removed, however, if it does you know that you have a persistent root that needs a more drastic removal process.”

To weed successfully by hand, gardeners may need to use a hand fork or trowel.

When pulling out a weed, if it doesn’t snap, that means the root is all out.

If it does snap, it means the root is not fully out and it could regrow.

The expert added: “A brilliant and cheap way of getting rid of weeds is by using mulch.

“Mulch is a mixture of shredded leaves, brown cardboard, straw or wood chips and is used to cover the soil around your plants to block weeds from any sunlight that will help them germinate and grow.”

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It is easy to make mulch at home, or it can be purchased from garden centres.

Mulch is also great to use on lawns and in flower beds.

It can help retain moisture and vitamins.

William continued: “Another effective way of getting rid of weeds is by cutting off their heads before they have the ability to flower.

“Removing the head means that they cannot produce seeds and therefore spread throughout your garden.

“Aerating your soil is also a good way to prevent the growth of weeds.

“Aerating your grass and allowing it to breathe will make sure that the potential of deep-rooted weeds is significantly reduced.”

Soil aeration is usually done either with a plug aerator or spike aerator.

The idea is to poke holes in the lawn and soil to allow vital nutrients, water, sunlight and oxygen to sink in.

William also warned gardeners to “avoid” watering weeds.

He said: “Watering weeds is a very easy mistake to make as you are watering the other plants in your garden.

“Watering weeds can be detrimental to your garden as they fight with the surrounding plants for the important water, sunlight and nutrients in the soil.

“If they are not welcomed in that area, do not water them.”

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