Stop cats pooping in gardens naturally using 13p kitchen staple

Cats like to roam from one garden to another which can be frustrating when they use our gardens as toilets. Keeping cats away from certain areas of our gardens can be difficult, especially if you have a large garden with lots of loose, dry earth such as mulch and compost.

If you’re growing edible produce, you really don’t want cats pooping in your vegetable patch as this is potentially dangerous.

Cat faeces can contain bacteria and parasites such as toxoplasmosis. Veggies can’t be grown safely if there’s cat poop – the area needs to be excavated.

To stop cats from pooping in your garden, fans of cleaning and lifestyle influencer Mrs Hinch have shared their natural solution for deterring cats from pooping in gardens.

Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, is an author, influencer and cleaning expert with more than 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

Recently, fans of hers have taken to social media to share their own hacks for solving common household and garden problems.

Facebook user Kim Cook posted: “Does anyone know how I can stop cat’s pooing in my garden please, without harming them or my dog?”

The post was flooded with responses but the most suggested solution was to use citrus peel like orange or lemon skins.

Liz Johnston said: “Orange skins. I hear cats hate the smell.” Daniela Fitzgerald wrote: “Orange skins.”

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Jo Hall replied: “Chop up lemons and limes and scatter them around the garden.”

Emma Turner responded to the social media post: “Sliced lemon, cats hate citrus.”

Lemons and oranges can be found in most fruit bowls in UK homes, however, for those who don’t have any, they can be bought from most local supermarkets.

Asda Tangy and Zesty Lemons cost £1, working out at 25p each. Morrisons Wonky Lemons 4 per Pack cost 50p, working out at 13p per lemon.

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Sainsbury’s Lemons cost 30p each and Tesco Lemons 4 Pack cost £1.35. Tesco oranges cost 35p each. Sainsbury’s Oranges cost £1.50 for four large ones.

Other suggestions for preventing cats from pooping in gardens included using tiger poo, plastic bottles, coffee grounds, garlic, cat ornaments, cinnamon and tea tree oil.

Norma Gibson replied: “Get some loin or tiger poo from a safari park or zoo.”

Beverley Wood said: “A bottle of water. Lie them down. Cats don’t like the reflection. I do it all the time.”

Nicola Turford wrote: “Coffee grounds are supposed to work. Ask at your local coffee shop.”

Maria Gibbs posted: “Pick up any poop from the garden and replace it with mashed-up garlic and strong out-of-date herbs you may have in your cupboard.

“Make sure it sticks to the grass. It worked for me. I’m sure there are cat repellents you can use but sometimes I found them not as effective. Whatever you use, I hope it works.”

Rosemary Griffiths commented: “I put a realistic cat ornament where they used to go.”

Nicola Frost said: “I save teabags and put tea tree oil on them and put them around the garden. It stopped the cats coming into my garden.”

Amanda Shaw wrote: “Cinnamon powder. Sprinkle lots of it where they tend to poo. It doesn’t harm them but they hate the smell.”

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