Spoilers: Kidnapping, an attack and wedding disaster in Home and Away

This week on Home and Away, Jacob (Alex Williams) has made a secret return to the Bay and he gets confirmation that Bree (Juliet Godwin) is having an affair. He sees red and storms to Bree’s motel room, telling her to start packing – she’s coming with him. Remi (Adam Rowland) realises Jacob is back and speeds to the motel, but he’s too late and Jacob ties him to a chair before pulling out a hammer…

Elsewhere, it’s Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) wedding day and excitement is in the air. However, Felicity was having cold feet the night before and she’s not feeling much better now. Tane has left for the venue, but to Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Cash’s (Nicholas Cartwright) alarm, Felicity suddenly says she can’t do it and barricades herself in her room. Is the wedding about to be cancelled in the final hour?

Here’s what’s coming up on Home and Away for the week beginning Monday February 27.

Rose takes Stacey on after she fails to make amends

Rose is on thin ice with Xander and Stacey after convincing herself that Stacey wasn’t being faithful. Xander isn’t too worried about the fact his sister and girlfriend are at war – all he cares about is that his relationship is in a good place. Rose struggles to put her scepticism aside but decides to try for her brother’s sake. She approaches Stacey while she’s running a fitness class, but she refuses to talk. Rose is persistent, so Stacey proposes a fitness challenge in a bid to get Rose off her back once and for all…

Jacob tracks down Bree and kidnaps her

Remi and Bree are finally happy together, but Jacob has other plans as he secretly returns to the Bay to assess what’s happening. He breaks into Remi’s house and finds his room, which features Bree’s earrings lying on the bedside table – a gift Jacob bought for her. Seeing red, Jacob storms over to the motel room and corners a terrified Bree. He tells her to start packing, because she’s coming with him. Is Bree about to be kidnapped?

Remi is taken hostage and attacked by Jacob

Remi arrives home after spending time with Bree, but he is alarmed when Kirby and Theo tell him a blonde man was looking for him. Immediately connecting the dots, Remi realises Jacob has returned and Bree is in danger. He speeds to the motel room, but he’s too late. He bursts in to see Bree being restrained by her violent husband. Jacob orders Remi to sit down, before tying him to the chair. Then Jacob gets a hammer out and smashes Remi’s hand…as Jacob prepares to leave with Bree, who will help Remi as he begins losing consciousness?

Kirby’s gut instinct leads the police to Remi

Kirby was bewildered when Remi took off after she told him a blonde man was looking for him. She can’t shake the feeling that something awful has happened to her friend. Why else would Remi tell her to call the police if the guy showed up again? Kirby’s fears increase as time goes on and she can’t get through to Remi on the phone. When Mackenzie hears about the situation, she connects the dots and say they should definitely be alarmed if Jacob is back. Kirby goes to Rose and the police launch a find and rescue mission. They show up at the motel room, only to find a barely conscious Remi tied to a chair…

Ziggy and Dean take a birthing class with disastrous results

Dean is reluctant to take a birthing class with Ziggy, but Ziggy reassures him – it’s not like school. However, Dean warns her that there isn’t a single class he hasn’t been kicked out of. However, when the pair arrives at the class, they’re greeted with yoga mats and exercise balls. They realise they’re both out of their comfort zones. Ziggy sits down on a ball, and immediately slips. Meanwhile, Dean can’t help making sarcastic comments about a particularly enthusiastic father to be. Eventually, the instructor kicks them BOTH out, telling a colleague they were behaving like high schoolers…

Cash realises he has to tell Eden how he really feels

Cash has been giving mixed signals to Eden for weeks, and the situation became even more fragile after Eden got particularly drunk at Felicity’s hen night and told Cash she loved him. Cash is afraid to fall in love again after what happened with Jasmine, so he never acknowledged Eden’s emotional outpouring. When Gary arrives ahead of Tane and Felicity’s wedding, he immediately realises something is going on with Cash and Eden. After speaking with his adoptive father, Cash realises he needs to tell Eden how he really feels…but has he left it too late?

Has Felicity left Tane at the altar?

The wedding day finally arrives, and everyone is excited to help Tane and Felicity celebrate their upcoming nuptials. Mackenzie has provided a decadent wedding breakfast for both the bride and groom, and Cash reveals his surprise for Felicity – he has restored their father’s ute to transport them to the venue. However, once Tane has left, Felicity begins panicking and convinces herself she can’t go through with it. Cash, Gary and Eden try to talk her round, but Felicity announces the wedding is off and barricades herself in her room…

Felicity and Eden unknowingly drive towards disaster

Felicity finally makes a decision about the wedding and gets into the car with Eden so she can see it through. However, the two women are completely unaware that a mysterious man had been waiting in the shadows the night before until the coast was clear. He approached the ute and cut the brakes, so the vehicle is leaking brake fluid. As the ladies set off on their journey, little do they know they’re driving towards disaster…

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