Spoilers: Horror in Home and Away as Jasmine is kidnapped

Robbo has been struggling to find any leads on Dylan Carter’s whereabouts, and while he and Scott are trying their best to track him down, the Ouroboros gang have been in contact to let him know he’s got 48 hours to deliver results. Concerned about the welfare of his wife Jasmine, Robbo makes a difficult decision and tells her she will have to leave the country.

While Jasmine is initially reluctant to leave Robbo’s side, she is confronted with the reality of the situation when Robbo takes her into the investigation room and shows her the case files from his previous family’s murder case.

Jasmine struggles to process the horrifying images, and soon realises that this is the first time he has seen the photos too. Seeing Robbo relive the trauma of losing his previous wife and two children, Jasmine finally accepts that she must do as he says, and go abroad to give them both the best possible chance of survival.

Robbo sorts the paperwork needed to send Jasmine away, and she is given a new passport with a different name. Jasmine is disappointed that Robbo won’t even be able to accompany her to the airport to see her off. However, she puts her energy into enjoying her last few hours with Robbo.

When Scott arrives, Robbo and Jasmine say a tearful goodbye, and Robbo gets Scott to confirm he will be in touch once Jasmine is on the plane. When Robbo doesn’t hear anything, he starts to get worried…we then see a terrifying scene where Scott is lying on the floor in a pool of blood and Jasmine is being dragged into a car by the Ouroboros gang. Where are they taking her? Will Scott survive?

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