Spoilers: Eden has $12,000 of wedding dresses stolen in Home and Away

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) has been trying to avoid Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) ever since she had to go wedding dress shopping. It’s far from her favourite activity, and she’d rather keep getting out of it than face reality. However, the ever-dutiful bridesmaid takes it upon herself to ensure Felicity finds her dream dress in time.

Tane (Ethan Browne) is out with Felicity and suggests they head back home. Felicity is all too eager to take their conversation to the bedroom – but she stops in her tracks when she sees Eden waiting for her, a rack of wedding dresses behind her. She isn’t impressed – didn’t she make it clear no more dress shopping is happening?

Eden points out that Felicity actually said she wouldn’t set foot in another bridal shop – so she brought the shop to her. When Nikau gets home, he questions how Eden was allowed to walk out of a shop with a rack of designer dresses. Eden sheepishly admits she pretended she was a stylist and managed to borrow the garments by placing a down payment of $1,000 and promising to be liable for the total cost if the dresses got damaged.

Felicity reluctantly begins trying on dresses, making the most of the available champagne while she does so. Eden calls her out on not being enthusiastic, and Felicity admits she’s scared of getting married and having kids. Eden says they share the same fear, but they need to try as the wedding is coming soon.

Eventually, Felicity finds a dress she likes, and Eden loads the rest into the back of her van ready for returning the next day. However, in the morning she returns to the van and is horrified to see it’s open. To make matters worse, the entire rack of clothes has been stolen! What will she do now?

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