Spoilers: Colby discovers a secret about Willow in Home and Away

Willow (Sarah Roberts) has recently received good news about her job at the gym, and when she bumps into Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Colby (Tim Franklin) coming out of the surf she wants to celebrate her promotion.

She asks if Colby can put aside his drama with Mackenzie (Emily Weir) for the night so they can celebrate with her at Salt, and he agrees, but when Willow suggests Dean brings Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), it’s his turn to look sour as he isn’t sure where their relationship is at.

Willow heads back to the gym to work, and is surprised by Alex (Zoe Ventoura) bringing her a gift to congratulate her on the promotion. Willow is touched and invites her to the drinks. Alex accepts, and realises it’s a big step for her to be hanging out with Dean and Colby, who are basically Willow’s family.

At the celebration, it’s clear Willow’s guests are all preoccupied with their own problems, as Bella (Courtney Miller) has shown up to try and keep Colby and Mac apart, Mac is stressed when Colby walks up to the bar and there’s clearly tension between Dean and Ziggy.

Mac begins to drink heavily and causes trouble between Ziggy and Dean, who bust out into a big fight. Then Colby gets angry with Mac and they also begin to fight.

Willow and Alex decide to bail on the failed celebration and head outside, where they share a kiss – only to be discovered by Colby, who looks on in shock as he leaves with Bella.

Willow realises it’s time to have it out with Colby and hesitantly reveals that she’s been dating Alex. How will Colby react?

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