See Inside Mark Ronson's Funky L.A. Home — There's a Bedroom Covered in Blue Velvet Wallpaper!

When Mark Ronson was looking for a home base while working in Los Angeles, he toured 20 properties in one day.

But it was one of the first houses he saw that he couldn’t stop thinking about.

“Of course, the one house that was far and away the nicest was the one I saw in the beginning of the day,” Ronson told of his four-bedroom, five-bathroom West Coast abode. “I couldn’t get it out of my head.”

So the “Uptown Funk” musician purchased the 1930s estate, complete with a backyard pool, gardens and a guesthouse, as his third property, in addition to his residences in New York and London.

“I had been spending so much time in L.A. working, going back and forth between London and L.A., it was just time to bite the bullet,” he told the outlet. Ronson has collaborated with artists from Lady Gaga to Bruno Mars, as well as releasing his own music and performing with Diplo under the name Electric City.

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When approaching the design, Ronson wanted the home to have a different vibe than his other places, highlighting its natural light and making use of the larger spaces. However, he still wanted to put his unique touch on it.

The “Shallow” co-writer teamed up with interior designer (and his high school girlfriend!) Mandolyna Theodoracopulos to help him give the home some flare. Together, they incorporated elements from his former home, which he shared with his ex-wife in London.

“It was this super charming house, so yeah—a combination of some eccentricity that I got from my mother, my ex-wife, a little bit of the Parisian European thing, and then just things that I liked,” he explained.

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In his current home’s bathroom and dining room, for example, Ronson incorporated yellow zebra print wallpaper. And in the bedroom, the musician covered the walls with blue velvet.

“When I am working on music, I can describe exactly what I want out of a sound, because I can be like, ‘Can you take the bass down here or whatever, and we’ll put some compression on the drums,’” he told AD. “But when it came to design, for me, it’s just easiest for me to show a picture to someone and be like, I like that!”

Ronson says he drew inspiration from everywhere, often snapping photos or taking notes when he was out and about.

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“I knew what I wanted already,” he said. “There was no master plan. We’d be in a restaurant and see a finish on a coffee table, and we’d be like, ‘Write that down. Let’s go look it up and see what that is.’ It was pretty simple—but there was always a lot of detail.”

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