Remi and Bree begin romance after Jacob’s exit in Home and Away?

Remi (Adam Rowland) has been worried sick about Bree (Juliet Godwin) ever since her husband, Jacob (Alex Williams), turned up in the Bay and became violent with

her. He has tried to offer his help, but Bree has warned him to back off, leaving him feeling helpless and consumed with anxiety.

When Remi sees the pair playing happy couple in public, he can’t bear watching them while he knows the truth. Meanwhile, when Bree and Jacob get back to the motel, Jacob pushes for physical intimacy. However, Bree snaps in a rare outburst and tells him she can’t go on like this, bruised and injured.

Jacob promises Bree he will change, declaring his unwavering love, but will it be enough for his wife? Elsewhere, over in Salt, Remi admits to Mackenzie (Emily Weir) he is longing for a married woman but he’d never cross that line. Later, Bree enters with Jacob, and Mackenzie spots Remi watching Bree. She quickly puts two and two together.

That night, Jacob tells Bree he’s planning on staying in the Bay. Bree is quietly horrified, but treads carefully, suggesting he does one more stint in the mines before they find a place and start their new chapter together. Reluctantly, Jacob heads to the airport.

When Remi gets home, he is shocked to see a distraught Bree crying on his doorstep. He immediately takes her in his arms while she sobs on his shoulder. She begs Remi for help, and he invites her inside.

Once Bree is feeling calmer, it’s clear there is still chemistry between them. With Jacob gone again, is this the cue they need for romance to blossom?

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