‘Really helps stimulate growth’: ‘Most beneficial’ way to achieve a ‘thicker greener lawn’

Garden tips: How to maintain your lawn

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Lawns tend to take centre stage in any garden they occupy, therefore it is crucial that they are properly maintained. As the daylight hours are steadily increasing, this allows for gardeners to carry out their necessary tasks, one of which include caring for their lawns. Having a well-kept, thriving lawn takes both time and effort.

As lawns are rarely mowed in winter, when spring rolls around the grass may appear unsightly.

Jonathan Hill, Rolawn Sales Director spoke exclusively to Expresss.co.uk on how to achieve greener and thicker lawn through mowing.

“The most beneficial single task for any gardener to focus on to achieve a thicker, greener lawn is mowing. 

“We often leave mowing our lawns until the grass is too long but mowing little and often, never removing more than one third of the grass length at any one time, will really help stimulate growth and make your lawn look much thicker and greener.”

It is important to follow this rule to prevent damaging the grass and stunting its growth.

What’s more, this should be adopted after the initial cutting season has begun. May to July sees the most grass growth annually.

In order to mow the lawn, gardeners need to ensure their lawn mowers are set up “correctly”.

The lawn pro said: “Whatever type of mower you have, make sure it is in good condition and set up correctly.”

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This includes making sure mower blades are sharp and free from debris.

Gardeners can remove and sharpen the blades themselves or look for a local company online to do it for them.

Once their blades are sharp, they should set the height of their mower to the length they want to cut the grass to.

If unsure on how to do this, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

There are normally levels on each wheel that allow you to move the body of the mower, and therefore the blades, up or down.

When the grass is being mowed, gardeners can use the cutting to help fertilise the lawn.

Jonathan said: “Every fourth mow, leave your clippings on the lawn so they can mulch down and help feed the lawn. 

“In addition to this, a spring feed is also important.”

“Using Rolawn’s GroRight Lawn Establishment Fertiliser at least twice a year will help give your lawn a lift and encourage healthy grass growth, with its ‘slow release’ formulation.”

Aeration is ‘ideal’ for more mature lawns, but is an incredibly “underrated” lawn task, according to the expert.

Jonathan said: “Then finally, one of the most underrated tasks, which is ideal for more mature lawns, is aeration.

“Aerating your lawn will help stimulate plant growth, especially when we’ve had such a wet start to the year.”

Aeration is essential for treating compacted lawns, which occurs when a garden is used regularly.

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