'Pure Chaos' Erupts on Cruise Ship When Technical Issue Makes Boat Roll to Side for 1 Minute

A dream vacation turned into a nightmare for passengers on a Carnival Cruise on Sunday night.

According to CBS New York, a malfunctioning switchboard caused the Carnival Sunshine ship to tip onto its side shortly after the week-long journey began in Port Canaveral, Florida.

“I was shifting, falling out of my seat,” a passenger named Kyla Williams told the outlet. “This was very much the ship rolling to one side and everything falling down from that, and it was something you’ll never forget.”

She also said her husband had to hold her up so she wouldn’t fall.

Another passenger, David Crews, told CBS Orlando affiliate WKMG-TV that he initially “didn’t think anything of it, since it’s not uncommon for ships to rock back and forth.”

“But it didn’t rock back,” he continued. “It kept leaning. Plates and silverware started sliding off the tables. Then the tables themselves started to slide. Glasses and plates started to fall and shatter. At this point, it was pure chaos. Screams. Cries. Panic.”

Crews also shared several pictures of the incident, which showed an array of dishes and other supplies crashing to the floor.

According to a statement Carnival obtained by PEOPLE, the boat reportedly leveled out after about a minute and then proceeded as usual.

“There was never any issue with the safe operation of the ship and our officers quickly intervened to correct the situation,” the statement read.

One passenger tweeted, “Get me off this ship Carnival Sunshine. We just listed so bad that I am not comfortable being in this shop anymore. Water ran out if the pools glasses shattered in my room and drink spilled in my suitcase!”

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A few days later, as an apology, guests received $50 on-board credit, but many still opted to leave the ship early.

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