Poinsettia and Christmas cactus care tips: ‘Should not be placed near heaters’

Learn how to care for Christmas cactus and poinsettias

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Poinsettias and Christmas cactus plants are vibrant houseplants that are often used in Christmas displays. Poinsettias usually live for four to six weeks before their foliage starts to fall off. However, there are ways to ensure your poinsettia lasts longer.

Indigenous to Mexico and Central America, the festive plant love warmth and light in homes.

The Christmas cactus also known as schlumbergera is usually found in coastal mountains in southern Brazil.

The plant usually grows on trees or rocks, similar to an orchid does in the wild.

Christmas cacti like high humidity and can re-flower if cared for properly.

The plants look very different, however, there is one key care tip owners should follow for both plants to ensure they thrive.

Both plants need to be kept away from heaters and cool draughts like those on window sills.

Other areas of the house that may harm the plant include near open fires, in conservatories where the temperature can vary greatly and in cool porches.

A houseplant expert at The Home Depot shared her advice for looking after poinsettias and Christmas cacti.

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The expert said they’re often used to “accent a room” or can be given as a gift.

She said the following tips are the “best” for caring for your plants.

The plant expert explained: “Poinsettia plants need bright, indirect sunlight to maintain their vibrant colour.

“They should be watered when they become slightly dry.

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“Avoid watering the leaves as it can cause spotting.

“Christmas cactus also thrive in indirect light.

“Although they have remarkable blooms, they’re still a cactus plant and shouldn’t be overwatered.

“Only water it when the first inch at the top of the pot is dry.

“Poinsettias and Christmas cactus should not be placed near heaters or cool draughts.”

Keeping your poinsettias and Christmas cactus healthy will bring a vibrant feel to your Christmas decor.

Other festive plants you can grow indoors amaryllis, Christmas roses, cyclamens and Norfolk Island Pine which is a small conifer.

The Norfolk Island Pine can act as a small Christmas tree if you don’t have the room for a full-size one in your own home.

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