Poinsettia: Alan Titchmarsh’s ultimate tip to make festive plant last until Easter

Alan Titchmarsh details how to prepare winter-themed containers

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The Poinsettia is one of the most popular Christmas plants. But how should you be taking care of the festive houseplant?

In a recent video, Alan shared his top tips for taking care of the colourful houseplant: “The Poinsettia has become the Christmas pot plant.

“Not surprising really, is it?

“If you think how well it suits our living conditions.

“There are several things you need to bear in mind to stop it being a bit temperamental,” he said.

Alan advised against “sticking it on the window sill”.

“It’s cold out there and the frost can come through the glass.

“Instead, position it about a metre in from the window.

“Then it’s getting really good indirect light.”

But how often should the festive plant be watered?

Alan explained: “Feel the surface of the compost.

“If it feels like a freshly rung out flannel – damp to the touch – it’s fine.

“Don’t overwater it.

“That can result in the leaves dropping off.

“When you’re bringing it home, make sure it’s well-wrapped up.

“Being native to Mexico, it’s susceptible to being chilled.

“And when it’s chilled the leaves in a week or two will turn black and fall off.”

Alan explained if following these recommendations, the Poinsettia could last until Easter.

The gardener also shared a handy tip for those wishing to avoid overwatering their plant.

“If you stand them on a tray of gravel that you keep moist, it will give them a little Turkish bath.

“That’s helpful as well.”

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