Paper flowers all over interiors Instagram, here’s where to buy them

Flowers carefully sculpted from paper is the decor trend that saw a huge resurgence thanks to a wave of lockdown-born craft brands in the last couple of years. And, spoiler alert, the trend has showed no sign of slowing down.       

Flowers have long been an interiors-must; even move so over the last few years when Covid forced us indoors and contact with nature felt all the more important. And as we continue to navigate hybrid working and investing more in our homes, why would you not want colourful blooms to brighten up the place?

Even better, what about an everlasting bunch that never withers? Dried flowers, like bunny tails and pampas grass, were the big ‘everlasting’ trend of last year but they’re now being overtaken by a new bloom on the block.

Imbued with creativity and skill, this new floral trend comes straight from the hands of independent female-founded businesses and you’re going to want in. 

There’s been growing interest in both homeware and arts and crafts as people have been embracing their creative sides and looking for new ways to unwind and find fulfilment.

As a result, we’ve not only seen a wave of new small homeware businesses, but one trend, in particular, has emerged: paper flowers.

Jessie Beaumont is a membership manager by day, working on (very cool) projects such as Peckham Levels, Pop Brixton and Hackney Bridge. But since November 2020 she has been turning her hand to the intricate art of paper flower making and set up her own brand, Leo Flowers, with stunning results.

She started by trying out different styles and sharing them with her friends on social media and now creations are available to buy and have been flying off the virtual shelves.

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Speaking to, she explains what inspired her to start making and where the trend comes from: “Honestly, I just woke up one morning and decided I wanted to make flowers out of paper! I really don’t know where it came from! I tend to really get stuck into something once I have an idea in my head and so a few hours later I was cycling around London with rolls of paper sticking out of my rucksack and here we are now. 

“Although the trend is booming at the moment, this technique has actually been around for some time. Interestingly, it used to be big business in the Victorian era. I think we’ve been seeing more and more independent florists really flourishing in the past year or so, and so perhaps the everlasting version is a natural progression – especially at a time when people are spending so much time at home and want to find ways to enjoy their space.”

The brilliant response to Leo Flowers shows that there’s a huge appetite for these thoughtfully made decorations. “As a really green business, it has been so encouraging to have had such a positive response to my flowers,” Jessie continues.

“I opened my shop in January [2021] and have been sold out pretty much ever since, which is astonishing and definitely helps to keep the imposter syndrome at bay. It’s also nice to know that people enjoy something so frivolous as much as I do!”

Not only do they look beautiful but we love that paper flowers live forever, so they’re a sustainable way to keep your place decorated. What’s more, if you’re interested in treating yourself to some, there are plenty of small, female-founded businesses that you can get to know to do so. 

There are so many ways to style them; place in a vase, lie on a coffee table, weave into a flower crown or use as a beautiful book mark. If you’d like to try the trend yourself, here are some brilliant brands to check out. 

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  • Leo Flowers

    Leo Flowers, founded by Jessie Beaumont, began life in early 2021 and is already the go-to place for interiors enthusiasts to get their flower fix.

    Leo Flowers specialises in pastel colours with a colour palette that spans peaches, pinks, pale lilacs and sunshine yellows. Jessie is a fan of creating poppies, so you’ll find both Icelandic and Himalayan poppies in her designs, as well as a healthy portion of peonies.

    Shop flowers at Leo Flowers, from £15

    Buy now

  • Brazen Botany

    Brazen Botany’s founder, Caroline Byrne, describes her designs as ‘statement art houseplants’ which totally sums up their multi-disciplinary feel.  

    Instead of pretty florals, these creations are bold and impactful, featuring bright colours and zigzagging shapes. 

    We recommend arranging them amongst live houseplants for a layered approach. Except these ones you don’t have to worry about watering!

    Shop house plants at Brazen Botany, from £60

    Buy now

  • Wild Hive Flowers

    Wild Hive Flowers is founded by Bee Watson and based in picturesque Devon. It’s here in her studio that Bee works with high grade crepe paper to make intricate hyper flowers by hand.

    While her designs are available for commission, you can also get involved by trying your hand to flower making yourself with her DIY kits.

    Shop DIY kits at Wild Hive Flowers, from £30

    Buy now

Images: Leo Flowers/ Instagram

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