Lawn jobs to get done this weekend to keep grass ‘protected’ over autumn

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Matt Adams, lawn care expert and founder of The Relentless Gardener, said: “August is the prime time for enjoying our lawns, but it also provides the perfect opportunity to get ahead with our lawn care regime.

“This week should be should be spent focusing on keeping the lawn looking and feeling healthy, but also preparing for the autumn months ahead.”

1. Mow as it grows

If Britons are watering their grass regularly, they’ll find that is grows very quickly. While this is a good thing, make sure to keep an eye on the growth to avoid letting it get too long.

The expert noted: “If you leave your grass too long then the root systems will have to work harder and if it needs to work harder, it means the grass plant needs more nutrients and water than if it was shorter.”

2. Keep an eye on the weeds

It can be easy to get lazy with the grass throughout August, but if they are ignored too much, they’ll become much more of a problem in autumn, especially when it comes to weeds.

With autumn just around the corner, it is super important Britons don’t neglect their grass throughout the month of August. A lawn expert has shared the jobs gardeners should get done now.

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Keep the lawn maintained by mowing, feeding and watering regularly which will help to prevent weeds from growing.

Matt said: “If you spot any weeds, you must pull them out as soon as you can. As you continue maintaining your lawn, your grass plants will strengthen, giving it the ability to fend off the majority of weeds by itself, making it a lot easier for you.”

3. Prune overhanging trees and shrubs

The lawn expert continued: “Unpruned trees and shrubs will have grown lots during the summer. Not only do they take light away from the lawn, but they can also take airflow.

“This can cause lawn rust, where the tips of the grass plant go a yellow, rusty colour.

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“Unfortunately, there aren’t any products that can cure lawn rust but don’t worry as it will eventually grow out with regular mowing and better airflow.”

4. Save it with seaweed

Like with any other spring and summer month, gardeners should be feeding their lawns with a fertiliser containing a high level of seaweed.

This will help with turf hardiness and it will protect the lawn from increased foot traffic, ideal for active families.

The expert said using this feed will help the grass to grow quicker and stronger, ensuring it is “protected” throughout the seasons.

Seaweed also increased the biodiversity of the soil, meaning it will have overall better root health.

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