Lawn: How to avoid ‘unpleasant’ moss and weed growth on grass – top spring care tips

Home Depot: How to ready your lawn for Spring

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Spring is often a time where gardeners get back into their gardens to do a variety of different jobs, including mowing the lawn. Although the grass needs mowing more frequently during the spring months, it may also need a little extra care after the winter. One expert has shared top care tips, including how to avoid moss and weeds growing.

Gardening guru at Miracle-Gro, Kate Turner, told “To help get your lawn through the summer’s wear and tear, make sure you have a regular routine of mowing and feeding the lawn.

“It is important you don’t allow the lawn to get too long in-between cuts.

“Once a week in spring and summer is good, but reduce it to once a fortnight if the weather turns warm.

“If your mower allows, don’t let the blades be set too low and never scalp the lawn as this encourages moss and weeds to grow, looking unpleasant.”

Moss and weeds can block sunlight from reaching the grass.

A low mowing height can leave brown or bare looking patches in the grass.

If the lawn is repeatedly cut too short or scalped, it can deplete the grass’s energy reserves.

This can lead to the weakening or even killing of the lawn.

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The expert continued: “Feed your lawn with a granular feed such as Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics Lawn Food.

“Using a spreader is the easiest and most accurate way to apply.”

Other brands of lawn feed are also available to purchase in most garden centres.

For lawns looking a “bit thin and patchy”, due to the winter months or mowing the lawn too low, the expert recommended using lawn seed.

She said: “I’d recommend using a seed especially developed to be hard wearing and drought tolerant such as Miracle-Gro® Professional Super Seed Drought Tolerant Lawn which can help cope with summer.

“Spread the seed over the top of your existing lawn and lightly rake it in.

“Keep the seed moist until it starts to grow but don’t mow until it’s at least five centimetres long.

“Consider putting stepping stones for areas that you regularly walk on such as the washing line or the shed to help stop worn paths appearing in your lawn.”

If the UK experiences really hot water this year, lawns tend to go brown due to hydration.

The gardening expert suggested avoiding spending ages with the sprinkler.

Instead, Kate said: “Don’t panic…Your lawn will bounce back once the rain comes back, especially if you follow these above tips.

“Just sit back and enjoy the summer.”

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